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Is food presentation more important than ever?

Modern consumers are savvier and more demanding than their predecessors. They are very aware of their buying power and their right to enjoy personalised products and services, as well as their ability to post negative reviews online! This can make food presentation more important than ever for caterers and hospitality venues

Time for the perfect coffee: A complete how too on cafetières

For most of us, a cup of coffee, whether it's that first caffeine kick of the morning or an after-dinner treat, is all about the ritual of making it. It's in this aspect that the cafetière (known more commonly in America as the 'French Press') pulls way ahead of the competition. It's a hands-on and suitably old-school way of making the perfect cup and an ideal way of serving coffee from upmarket bistros to your home breakfast bar

Your questions answered on disposable aluminium foil food containers.

Whether you're a food business offering food for takeaway or an individual who loves to cook, disposable aluminium foil food containers can be indispensable. But are they safe? Why are they so popular? And what are they used for? Read on to have all of your questions about disposable aluminium foil food containers answered

Restaurant Cleaning Supplies (The best professional cleaning products)

If you run a busy restaurant, you'll know that investing in high quality, robust cleaning equipment is essential. With tough health and hygiene standards to meet, restaurants face the daily challenge of effective cleaning. However, having the right cleaning products can make running your business so much easier and will prevent harmful viruses and bacteria from spreading onto food

What is a Balti Dish?

Found in several different languages including Hindustani and Bengali, the word Balti, meaning 'bucket', was originally derived from “balde”, the Portuguese word for 'pail' or 'bucket'. According to scholars, the word Balti can be traced back to Northern Pakistan’s Baltistan, where a cast-iron pan similar to the woks used by the Chinese is employed for cooking traditional dishes

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