The Warm Glow of Bolsius Candles

In the world of restaurants and cafes, strategically placed candles can be a powerful tool to create a unique and inviting atmosphere. But beyond the ambience, there's a whole lot to consider when it comes to using flames in a commercial setting

Elevate Your Summer Table Setting With Churchill Plateware

From bustling restaurants to intimate home settings, the perfect plateware sets the stage for every meal. Cooksmill’s selection of Churchill Super Vitrified plateware, known for its blend of elegance and resilience, provides the perfect selection to enhance every meal this season

Why Choose Professional Cling Film?

Cling film and aluminium foil are often seen as interchangeable, however this isn’t the case! Both have their own list of pros and cons, and they couldn’t be more different. Choosing the right form of food wrap is essential to keep your food well preserved

Spring Cleaning Meets Summer Fun: Disposables for the Season

As spring arrives, homes come alive, restaurants prepare for outdoor dining, and hotels get ready for more visitors. But amidst the excitement of spring cleaning, outdoor entertaining, and increased guest traffic, there's a need for convenient solutions – that's where disposable items come in

Everything You Need to Set up a Cooking Class

Cooking classes are a great opportunity for both experienced chefs and home cooks looking to develop their skills further. If you’re looking to set up your own cooking class, there are a number of cooking and kitchen essentials that you will need. Ensuring you have everything you need means your cooking students will get the most experience out of their class. This comprehensive guide equips you for a successful cooking class

The Ultimate Guide to Equipping Your Sandwich Shop

Starting a sandwich shop can be an exciting venture for any aspiring sandwich chef. The aroma of freshly baked bread, the satisfying crunch of crisp vegetables, and the delightful taste of melty cheese are just a few of the sensory delights that make a well-crafted sandwich a true culinary experience

Colour Coded Knives: What They Mean

Colour-coded knives may seem unnecessary, but having a clear and concise system in your kitchen ensures hygiene and organisation remain your top priorities. It's a powerful tool to prevent cross-contamination

Mastering the Art of Gravy with OXO

Gravy is the heartwarming, flavour-boosting component of countless meals. Whether drizzled over a succulent roast chicken, enriching a slice of tender beef, or complementing a pile of creamy mashed potatoes, gravy turns good meals into great ones. But how do you craft the perfect gravy

Ditch the Resolutions, Bake Cake!

In this comprehensive guide, we'll delve into the world of winter baking, focusing on the timeless appeal of chocolate cake. From the choice of ingredients that complement the season to a step-by-step guide for crafting the perfect winter treat, this blog post covers it all

Navigating Veganuary with the Right Catering Equipment

As we usher in a new year, many embark on a journey of self-discovery and improvement. For an increasing number of individuals, January marks the beginning of Veganuary, a global movement encouraging people to embrace a vegan lifestyle for the first month of the year

New Year, New You? Magical Monin Mocktails

The New Year is just around the corner and New Year's Resolutions are coming up. For many, it’s a time of reflection and making promises for the year to come. Cutting out alcohol has become a popular trend in recent years, and with the rise of mocktails and alcohol-free bars, it’s easy to see why

Setting The Table For Breathtaking Banquets: The Top 5 Essentials

It’s that time of year again when meals are enjoyed together and loved ones gather. Hospitality locations usually find themselves booked and busy as the year draws to a close, and are often throwing mouthwatering feasts and banquets. Here at Cooksmill, we have everything you need to ensure your banquet goes off without a hitch

Simplify Your Winter Feasts with Our Essential Kitchen Helpers

As the season of warmth and family gatherings approaches, it's the perfect opportunity to highlight the importance of kitchen efficiency. Whether you're an experienced chef or a culinary novice, streamlining your kitchen routine can transform the entire cooking experience when it comes to cooking for a crowd

Shed Some Light On Darker Nights: Restaurant and Bar Lighting

The nights are getting longer and the darkness is starting to creep on. There’s nothing more enticing than the warm glow coming from a restaurant on a dark night, inviting you into the warmth. The promise of good food, combined with perfect lighting, is sure to create an atmosphere that will leave your customers impressed and wanting to come back for more

Academy Fusion: The Collection Taking the Hospitality Scene by Storm

Academy Fusion is a new range of crockery collection which showcases vibrant designs and high gloss finishes. Selected products in this range are also blacked with a lifetime edge chip warranty, ensuring durability in service. The Academy range is supplied by DPS Tableware, a brand widely recognised for its reliability and dedication to product excellence

A New Chapter in Dining Sustainability: Cooksmill’s Eco-friendly Alternatives to Single-Use Plastic Cutlery

As of early this October, the United Kingdom officially banned single-use plastic cutlery in an effort to combat the environmental crisis facing our planet. At Cooksmill, we don’t see this as an endpoint but rather as a launchpad for further innovation and responsible action. Following the discontinuation of our single-use plastic cutlery, we offer a range of more sustainable, equally high-quality options

The Ultimate Guide to Casseroles: Recipes, Techniques, and Traditions

Casseroles evoke comfort, tradition, and the heartwarming aroma that fills kitchens from upscale restaurants to cosy homes. They offer a blend of flavours, cultures, and comfort rolled into one. While the word 'casserole' may remind you of Sunday family dinners, these versatile creations are also taking the culinary world by storm, from high-end restaurants to the bustling kitchens of hotels

Curating The Consummate Caffeinated Cup of Coffee

Coffees are a favourite year round, but there’s something extra special about them in the cold months. With so many versions of seasonal favourites of the caffeinated drink, there are endless options for serving the perfect cup of coffee. From simple coffee creations to professional barista tools, here at Cooksmill, we have everything you need to prepare the best cup of coffee for yourself, or your guests!

A Buyers Guide to Incredible Indian Tableware

Indian Food is one of the most popular cuisines. There’s always time for an authentic curry, whether that be a mild Korma or hot Madras. Serving Indian food is arguably as important as the cooking process, customers value a meal that is well-presented and tasty

Timeless Autumnal Drinks: The Best Hot Drinks This Season

The nights are getting longer, the sun is setting sooner, and autumn is just around the corner. This means cafe and restaurant owners are seeking to update their menus to reflect the cosy vibes of the season. One of the most effective ways to draw in customers and elevate their experience is by offering a variety of autumnal hot drinks, giving them a reason to visit your establishment

Beyond Margheritas: The Untapped Versatility of Commercial Pizza Ovens

When you hear "pizza oven," you probably picture a mouth-watering Margherita or a classic pepperoni pizza baking to perfection. While that is the primary purpose, modern pizza ovens have much more to offer. In a competitive marketplace, restaurants and hospitality services need to optimise resources to stand out, and that includes getting creative with equipment

Serving Up a Storm: The Rise of Mocktails

In today's dynamic world of beverages, mocktails are becoming a popular alcohol-free option. Modern diners and drinkers, whether for health, religious, or personal reasons, are increasingly opting for alcohol-free beverages that don’t skimp on taste or presentation

Flavoursome Fajitas for National Fajita Day

August 18th is National Fajita Day and the delicious dish has come a long way since its invention. Fajitas are thought to be invented in the early 1930s by Mexican cowboys in Texas, who received throwaway cuts of beef as part of their payment for their job

Savour the Flavours of Summer: 7 Expert Tips to Make Your Summer Salads Shine

With the arrival of summer, our taste buds crave refreshing and vibrant flavours. One of the best ways to indulge in the season's best offerings while keeping it light and healthy is by enjoying a delicious summer salad. Packed with fresh produce and bursting with flavours, a well-crafted salad can be the star of any summer gathering. To help you create the perfect summer salad, we've compiled seven tips that will elevate your salad game to the next level

The Scoop on Ice Cream Day

National Ice Cream Day originated in 1948 and originally lasted a whole month! The 31-day occasion was proposed by President Ronald Reagan as a way of boosting dairy production post-war in America, and since then has taken off as a global celebration

Crazy About Kilner

Kilner Jars are instantly recognisable with their distinctive pressure seal and iconic design. The jars are much-loved and just as successful today as they were over 180 years ago when they were first invented. With so many different Kilner Jars available, you’re sure to find one that suits exactly what you’re looking for

Sizzling Summer Drinks: Elevate Your Menu with Refreshing Beverages

As the summer season heats up, customers flock to restaurants, cafes, and bars in search of cool and refreshing beverages. To entice your guests, it's essential to revamp your menu with a range of refreshing summer drinks during this season. In this blog post, we'll explore eight tantalising drink ideas, including fresh fruit coolers, iced teas, crafted mocktails, frozen delights, seasonal lemonades, classic milkshakes, fresh smoothies, and cold coffees

Becoming a street food chef (What you need to know.)

As the summer gets into swing and fates, food markets and festivals start it is the perfect time to start thinking about setting up the street food business that you have always been dreaming about. Here’s our handy guide to exactly what street food catering supplies you will need to get up and running as a successful street food chef

What To Pick for Picnic Day

June 18th is International Picnic Day, a part of National Picnic Week, and with the weather getting brighter and warmer, there’s never been a better time to go outside and enjoy the British summertime

How to Develop an Effective Restaurant Business Plan

Developing an effective business plan is essential for any restaurant owner who wants to succeed in the industry. A well-crafted business plan can help you stay on track, make informed decisions, and secure funding from investors or lenders. In this article, we will guide you through the steps to develop an effective restaurant business plan

Celebrate National Fish and Chips Day this Fryday!

Calling all seafood lovers and food enthusiasts! Get ready to celebrate National Fish and Chips Day on Friday the 2nd of June. This mouthwatering occasion pays homage to the beloved British culinary tradition. On this special day, people across the nation come together to honour the humble yet delicious dish that has become a timeless classic

Secrets to Perfectly Grilling Meats Every Time

National BBQ Week i upon us! Grilling and BBQing are some of the most satisfying processes found in cooking. The aroma of sizzling meats wafting through the air is enough to make anyone's mouth water. BBQ parties are also a great way to celebrate and be social in the upcoming summer months. But if you're not careful, grilling can also be a source of frustration. Nothing is worse than spending time and money on a piece of meat, only to have it come out dry, tough, or burnt. If you want to avoid g

Daily dot labels in your catering business: What you need to know.

One of the key elements to the safe and efficient running of any food business is the daily dot label. It's so simple yet so crucial for food stock rotation. You’ve doubtless already heard day of the week labels mentioned when starting or taking over a catering business, but this blog will go deeper into what these are, what the law says about using them, their benefits, and how best to implement them into your business

Embracing the Green Side: A Meat-Eater’s Journey Through Vegetarian Week

National Vegetarian Week is typically celebrated on the third week of May to promote a vegetarian diet and a plant-based lifestyle. This year, Vegetarian Week will be held between the 15th to 21st of May and will have a clear focus on the climate crisis and how introducing more vegetarian meals into our diet can have a great impact on our carbon footprint

Trending Foods on the Restaurant Scene

In an ever-changing culinary landscape, it’s no surprise that certain food items come in and out of favour with restaurant-goers. From loaded burgers to exotic dessert flavours, restaurant trends come and go as quickly as the seasons change. Here’s a look at some of the most popular and trending foods that are taking over the restaurant scene in 2023

How to Roast Vegetables for Maximum Flavour

Roasted vegetables are a delicious, nutritious and cost effective way to add colour and flavour to any meal. Roasting brings out the natural sweetness in vegetables and enhances their flavour. They can easily be added to the oven with already cooking meats to maximise the use of your energy. The key to getting the most flavour out of your roasted vegetables is to use the right technique and the right ingredients. In this blog post, we will look at how to roast vegetables for maximum flavour

National Tea Day: A brew-tea-ful day!

National Tea Day is surely the most British day of the year. Every year the nation shares its love of tea through exciting events, fun and of course, quintessential British Afternoon Tea. From trying new flavours of tea, to celebrating with friends and loved ones, there’s plenty to get excited about on this tea-riffic day! Whether you’re a business owner looking for great ways to celebrate this day, or simply want to get involved in the festiviTEAS, Cooksmill has you covered. Stick the kettle on

The Sweet Connection: Chocolate and Springtime

When the sun shines brighter, the days get longer, and the flowers begin to bloom, there's no denying that spring has arrived. This season is a time of renewal, awakening, and growth. And as we shake off the chill of winter, what better way to celebrate the warmer days ahead than with a delicious indulgence? Chocolate is a timeless treat that takes centre stage in spring, providing a rich and luscious experience that pairs perfectly with the rejuvenating energy of the season

Giddy About Idly: Celebrating World Idly Day

Idlis (also known as Idly) are small snacks, made from a white batter whipped out of rice and lentil, which are then soaked, ground, fermented, and steamed. Idlys are usually eaten with a variety of dips and chutneys and can be eaten at any point of the day, with breakfast, lunch, dinner, and for a snack!

Celebrate International Waffle Day: A Guide to the World’s Most Favourite Treat

International Waffle Day is a time-honoured tradition that people around the world look forward to every year. With its origins coming from Sweden where it’s known as Våffeldagen, International Waffle Day is celebrated on 25th March. Whether you’re a fan of the heart shaped Swedish waffles, the classic Belgian waffles, or prefer to be more adventurous with flavours, this is the perfect day to indulge in one of the world’s favourite breakfast treats or dessert

Creating a Winning Seasonal Menu

The best way to create a seasonal menu is to use only fresh ingredients and prepare them in ways that showcase their best traits. This will make your menu healthy, simple and delicious. What’s more, a good seasonal menu allows you to adapt your menu to include items that are readily available throughout the year. In this article, we explain how to create a winning seasonal menu with the right supplies

New Products! Steelite International Craft Crockery

The Craft range has grown over the years to include several colors. Designed from the start to sympathize with long-term trends such as tradition, authenticity, craftsmanship, individuality, and eclecticism, these are as important today as they were then. Each piece is decorated by hand throughout the range so that each plate, cup, and bowl is slightly different in colour and texture

Make the most out of Mother’s day

Since its inception in the early 1900s, Mother’s day has evolved into a celebration in that millions of people take part. Mother’s Day is one of the busiest days for the catering and hospitality industry, with many people gifting mother figures a meal or afternoon out

British Pie Week: A Brief History of Pies & Top 10 Pie Tips

British Pie Week is one of the tastiest weeks of the year. Jus-Rol, a British pastry company, invented this week long celebration in 2007, and it’s been celebrated annually since then. This year, it takes place during the week of the 6th-12th of March 2023. Local bakeries and communities even host their own pie baking and judging competitions, so there are plenty of opportunities to get involved, whether that be baking your own pie or enjoying a slice of your favourite flavour, guilt free!

Ordering your catering supplies on a budget, what you need to know.

Catering is a great way to earn income, but it can also be an expensive undertaking. So if you’re working on a tight budget, it’s important that you find ways to keep the costs associated with catering down. Thankfully, there are lots of things that you can do that help you get what you need for catering without spending a fortune. So, to help with this, we’re going to go over some tips to help you order your catering supplies on a budget so that you don't overspend

Price Reductions on Handi Serving Dishes

Whether you are looking for new dishes for your restaurant or are looking to create an authentic dining experience at home the Cooksmill collection of Indian tableware offers you the best choice. Now with even better prices on our best selling Handi Serving Dishes

War Of The Pancakes: American vs British vs French

Pancake Day is just around the corner, which means you can eat as many pancakes as you want, guilt free! Pancake Day, or Shrove Tuesday, is celebrated around the world, with each country boasting their own version of the delicious treat. There has been a long debate about which country has the best pancakes, and we’re here to discuss the pros of the three most popular pancake varieties

Change your cooking with a chafing dish

We all know what it's like at a buffet. The seemingly endless parade of food on offer as you saunter through with your plate in hand. The determination to not leave a single inch of white ceramic visible on your dish after you're done choosing your meal. The hum of chatter and hubbub around the restaurant. But have you ever wondered how it's possible to keep all that food warm all day long? Well, that would be because of the shiny metallic dishes you're probably very familiar with

Parish Pattern Cutlery, what is it?

Cutlery is often massively overlooked when it comes to tableware and food presentation. Plates, glasses and mugs are almost always covered. But what about the fork, needed to fully enjoy the meal? Or the teaspoon, that allows you to stir and adjust your tea to perfection? What’s the difference between 18/10 silver cutlery and 18/0? We’re here to answer all your questions about knives and forks

Perfect Pizzas Please - Celebrating National Pizza Day

Pizza is one of the most beloved dishes out there. There are so many options, from veggie supreme to meat feast, everyone has very decisive opinions on pizza, how to cook it, and what belongs on it. National Pizza Day (February 9th) celebrates the very best of this comfort food, highlighting the weirdest, wackiest and tastiest pizza invention and topping combinations

Soup Glourious Soup

Soup is a great way to use up leftover vegetables and meat while also creating a warming meal. It makes for a great winter meal because it's wholesome, versatile and inherently warm. Whether you want to try something different at home or you want to serve something new in your restaurant or takeaway below we have 6 of the tastiest soups for you to try

The basics of baking, a beginner's guide.

Baking is a science and an art form rolled into one. You have to be precise, but you also have to let go and allow the process to unfold. Baking can seem intimidating to the beginner baker, but with the right ingredients and equipment, plus some simple techniques like measuring correctly (and often), you'll be whipping up batches of delicious treats in no time!

National Baking Month 2023

January is National Baking Month and here at Cooksmill we are on a mission to encourage everyone to get 2023 off to the best possible start by trying their hand at baking their favourite recipes to share with their loved ones. National Baking Month is a celebration of baking and what baking means to each individual baker; so, whether you are a professional baker, a hobbyist, or looking at getting started with your first ever bake, here is an exploration of National Baking month and how Cooksmill

Make Veganuary Work For Your Business

The New Year brings plenty of opportunities to try something new. One of the most common trends in recent years is Veganuary, combining Vegan and January together. Originating in England, Veganuary has since become a worldwide trend that encourages people to try a Vegan lifestyle for the month of January in the hopes that they will learn how to live a more environmentally friendly life

What is polycarbonate glassware?

Polycarbonate plastic is a great alternative to glassware and glass tableware. Polycarbonate plastic has the ability to look just like real glass but is far more durable. Polycarbonate glass is virtually unbreakable, making it great for events where broken glass would be a nightmare

7 energy saving tips for your restaurant or takeaway

With the winter coming, not only individual households but also businesses are being hit hard by the cost of electricity and rising bills. As the cost of living rises, it can be especially hard for those in industries like food and catering, since people are likely to spend less on eating out as the purse strings continue to be tightened. So, here are our seven top tips on ways you can reduce the amount of energy you use and therefore save some extra money for your restaurant or takeaway over th

How to prepare for your next big party

Whether you’re thinking about hosting a gathering for your closest friends and family or are preparing to host a corporate event for the season, you need to think about everything to make it a memorable event. Food is at the heart of any good party, but what do you do when you have multiple guests to cater for

Cooksmill Launch New Professional Stainless Steel Cookware

Professional stainless steel cookware is a must-have for commercial kitchens. Unlike other kitchenware and cookware items, the Cooksmill brand of professional stainless steel cookware has been designed and developed, especially with professional chefs and kitchens in mind

British Game with a Change

This week is British game week. It’s a great opportunity to try out some inspiration, some new recipes and offer something a little different. Game is one of the healthiest meats available and has many benefits for you to offer to your family or to your customers. Game meat is is a fashionable choice in restaurants and astro pubs, but it’s available for everyone

What can a condiment display do for you?

Whether you are a passionate home cook, a restauranteur, or you work in a bar or coffee shop, how you set out your condiments can help to create a solid sense of image. While it might be tempting to simply pop your condiments in any old place for customers, thinking about their appearance and accessibility can really create continuity of your own personal brand and style. We have collected some top tips for how best to display condiments

Bring the restaurant experience home

Dining out in your favourite restaurant is an extremely enjoyable experience, it isn't always practical as you may not be able to afford a dinner out on a weekly basis. Whether you are stuck in or trying to save money, creating a restaurant experience in your home is a great way to entertain!

How to start a takeaway business from home

As a result of the extended lockdowns we have recently faced across the country, lots of people have become comfortable in their home environment and enjoy the perks of staying at home more than ever. The takeaway industry has seen a spike in the success of to-the-door delivery services

What is pink tea?

Also known as noon chai, pink tea is a traditional beverage originating from Kashmir. Characterised by its delicate creamy taste, pink tea can be used as a base to which signature flavours are added. Popular infusions include small amounts of cardamom, cinnamon, pistachio, rose or sea salt

Why your kitchen needs a rice cooker

If done correctly, rice is absolutely delightful. That fluffy, white, soft consistency makes it incredibly more-ish. The problem comes, of course, with getting consistently done, perfectly cooked rice every time. Here’s why your kitchen needs a rice cooker

Preserve food better and for longer with Araven

In this blog we’ll take a deep dive into this comprehensive container range and explain how Araven’s products can help professional kitchens and home cooks preserve the food they keep better and for longer. We’ll also look at some of the additional advantages of these ingenious options for storage that users can enjoy. Read on to find out more

The ultimate cutlery set buying guide

No restaurant or kitchen is complete without a good quality set of cutlery. However, purchasing the right set can be difficult. From knowing what to look for to the plethora of options on the market today, choosing the perfect set for your kitchen can be challenging

Bank Holiday Closure 29th August

You can continue to place orders over the bank holiday weekend. Orders will be processed on our return on Tuesday 30th August.If you have any issues or concerns please email These emails will be answered on our return

A knife guide for chefs: What you need to know

The knife is, without a doubt, the most important tool in any chef’s kitchen. Knives make prepping food easy, fast and safer. However, there are so many different kinds of knives out there, so which is the right one for your kitchen

Porland Enigma, A New Era of Inspired Tableware

The Porland Enigma range of crockery is a new era of fine china tableware designed for restaurants, hotels and other catering venues. It was created to enthuse chefs to create inspiring new dishes as well as to excite and delight diners. The range has 6 stunning designs which complete current trends in fine dining and casual global cuisine

Top 10 essentials for cake making

Baking a cake can be one of the most satisfying activities in the kitchen. Whether you are a professional baker, a hobbyist who loves creating beautifully iced cupcakes, or an enthusiastic amateur looking to level up, having the right tools can make all the difference.Before you break out the recipe book and bake your next cake, read on. We have collected the top ten essentials that you need to make the perfect cake every time

Cool Summer Drink Recipes | Monin X Cooksmill

It’s summer and it is warm, this year being warmer than ever! What better way to cool down than to have a refreshing mocktail full of exciting flavours. Forget the boring iced water or predictable lemonade and reach for something special to tingle your tastebuds

10 reasons your customers will enjoy takeaway picnics

After spending so much time indoors, people are itching to get out and about. Although restaurants and cafés are opening up their indoor seating, there are many reasons why customers are still choosing to dine outside. If you're looking to increase revenue for your catering business, cashing in on takeaway picnics is the ideal way to meet demand and keep customers happy

What makes a good stock?

Homemade stock might have a reputation for being longwinded and laborious to make, but remember, most of that time is spent leaving it to simmer, rather than involving hands-on effort. The end result is totally worth it, and absolutely no shop-bought stock can compare with the one you've made yourself, as long as you do it right. So, what makes a good stock

The rise and rise of vegan food

The perception of vegan food has rapidly changed within the last few years, with more and more people either becoming vegan, considering becoming vegan, or just eating more vegan food in general

Why pizza is the best choice for profits

While flatbreads served with toppings were a treat in ancient Rome, the modern pizza was born in South-west Italy in the Campania Region famed for the city of Naples. Loved all over the world, pizza is renowned for its versatility and fresh ingredients, but it has many benefits for firms in the food sector looking to turn a handsome profit

The importance of catering food containers

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and increased awareness about food hygiene standards, high-quality catering food containers are more important than ever. Whether you require catering food containers for your business or for a private event you are hosting, this article covers everything you need to know about catering food containers

5 tips for reducing food waste in the kitchen

Waste, especially from food and packaging, is a big problem in commercial kitchens. According to WRAP, commercial kitchens generate around a million tonnes of food waste, costing almost £3 billion every year. The good news is that commercial kitchens can take strides to prevent and reduce waste. Here are five tips to show you how

Catering supplies for the perfect Platinum Jubilee celebration

The Platinum Jubilee will be celebrated across the country with street parties, civic events and other celebrations in schools and workplaces. They'll be taking place during a double bank holiday from Thursday 2nd to Sunday 5th June, with an estimated 10 million people getting involved

How do you serve Indian food?

Indian food is one of the most popular cuisines globally and certainly within the UK. Most people in Britain for example love a good curry - be it a mild Korma or hot Madras. For people who produce Indian cuisine for others to eat, there are many things that go into preparing the best meals. How you serve food is definitely key - whether you are having an Indian night at home or running a restaurant cooking up Indian dishes

What tools do you need to make a burger?

Burgers may be one of the simplest meals on the menu, but they can make or break your food business. Customers expect a perfect burger each time from a restaurant or fast-food business. Get the right tools for the job!

A complete guide to tabards. At work and at home.

When it comes to workwear, the humble tabard is likely to be one of the first items of clothing that comes to mind. As well as within the workplace, tabards are also ideal for use around the home. Whether this is your first time buying a tabard for your home or you continually buy tabards in bulk for a business, there's lots of useful information to be learnt

What makes a good paring knife?

Any good commercial or home kitchen needs the right tools for every job. This is never truer than when buying knives, as choosing the right blade for a specific purpose can make individual tasks far easier. The devil can often be in the detail, and at times like that, a good paring knife can be your best friend in the kitchen

What advantages do OXO Pop storage containers offer?

You might be a professional chef managing a restaurant kitchen or just an amateur with a passion for cooking, but either way, how you store your foodstuffs is important. Finding the right storage solution isn’t always easy. Since it launched 30 years ago with a non-slip grip vegetable peeler, OXO has gone from strength to strength creating world-class cooking equipment including storage containers

What is the best way to cook potatoes?

The potato. The humble spud. Red, white, yellow, purple, sweet, or fingerling – there are so many types and species of potatoes; each a little different, and each more delicious than the last.Potatoes have been enjoyed by humans since about 8000BC when they were first cultivated by the Incas. They’ve since been cooked and prepared in thousands of different ways, and nearly every country in the world has a national potato dish. But what is the best way to cook potatoes

Why are they called tapas?

Tapas is a versatile menu option for any bar, restaurant or even home. There is a dish for everyone and the small size makes them tempting even to those that don’t think they are hungry. Offering a tapas selection is a brilliant way of not only raising revenue but delighting customers too. Who can resist a small bowl of patatas bravas!

What is induction cooking?

Induction cooking has increased in popularity in recent years, as more and more people recognise the benefits this style of cooking can bring. But, what is it exactly, and why should you make the switch

Restaurant bins (who knew there were so many types?)

One important aspect of owning a restaurant, cafe or bar is that you collect and store waste correctly. What you may be surprised to know is that there are many different types of bins that can be used in the restaurant setting. They can be found in the kitchen, front of house area and in outdoor seating areas. So what bins do you need to keep your restaurant safe, clean and tidy? Below we explore the different types of bins that are available for use in restaurants

Which frying pan to buy?

We all know that a good frying pan should be sturdy enough to use daily and easy to clean. But not all frying pans work for every cooking task - and not all frying pans are the quality you need! So which frying pan do you need for which task? Read on to find out what is the best frying pan to buy for you

What is melamine crockery and is it safe?

Quality modern melamine products have the look and feel of china. Melamine is one of the most durable dinnerware materials available and will outlast crockery made from ceramic and porcelain. It is versatile, chip-resistant and perfect for indoor and outdoor use

Is food presentation more important than ever?

Modern consumers are savvier and more demanding than their predecessors. They are very aware of their buying power and their right to enjoy personalised products and services, as well as their ability to post negative reviews online! This can make food presentation more important than ever for caterers and hospitality venues

Time for the perfect coffee: A complete how too on cafetières

For most of us, a cup of coffee, whether it's that first caffeine kick of the morning or an after-dinner treat, is all about the ritual of making it. It's in this aspect that the cafetière (known more commonly in America as the 'French Press') pulls way ahead of the competition. It's a hands-on and suitably old-school way of making the perfect cup and an ideal way of serving coffee from upmarket bistros to your home breakfast bar

Your questions answered on disposable aluminium foil food containers.

Whether you're a food business offering food for takeaway or an individual who loves to cook, disposable aluminium foil food containers can be indispensable. But are they safe? Why are they so popular? And what are they used for? Read on to have all of your questions about disposable aluminium foil food containers answered

Restaurant Cleaning Supplies (The best professional cleaning products)

If you run a busy restaurant, you'll know that investing in high quality, robust cleaning equipment is essential. With tough health and hygiene standards to meet, restaurants face the daily challenge of effective cleaning. However, having the right cleaning products can make running your business so much easier and will prevent harmful viruses and bacteria from spreading onto food

What is a Balti Dish?

Found in several different languages including Hindustani and Bengali, the word Balti, meaning 'bucket', was originally derived from “balde”, the Portuguese word for 'pail' or 'bucket'. According to scholars, the word Balti can be traced back to Northern Pakistan’s Baltistan, where a cast-iron pan similar to the woks used by the Chinese is employed for cooking traditional dishes

How to Cook Perfect Pasta (A How Too Guide)

Pasta is a food that is loved by many across the globe. It's famous for being a cuisine from Italy, although it has interesting origins that actually come from China. Nowadays, it's served everywhere - from New York to New Dehli - as a popular Italian dish. But not all pastas are created equal! Here's a bit more about pasta and how you should make it

Wonderful Winter Warmers (Britains Favourite Winter Dishes)

Though the weather outside is frightful, the food inside is absolutely delightful. Yes, winter has arrived and along with it comes a wonderful selection of wholesome dishes. For us, this chilly season is all about the food. From classic beef stew to homemade soup, it's time to stop watching that waistline, and indulge in some hearty British fare instead

Containers to Go - Keeping Britain’s food industry moving

This year has made a lot of us think twice about how we can best serve our community and keep going ourselves. It has been an especially challenging time for those in the food service industry. Whether you work in a restaurant, a pub or a takeaway, you will have felt the repercussions of Covid 19 restrictions

English Breakfast Day

Who doesn’t love a deliciously traditional English breakfast? Whether your favourite part is succulent sausage, perfectly crispy bacon or a side of tasty toast with a smidge of marmalade, everyone enjoys this classic spread. Otherwise known as a fry up, we celebrate this true national treasure of a dish on 2nd December – which is officially English Breakfast Day!

Flavoured Oil - the Perfect Gift

Flavoured oils are an exciting and simple way of adding an extra layer of yummy goodness to dishes. They can be used during the cooking process, to add flavour whilst frying ingredients to ensure that they are infused throughout the dish, or alternatively can be provided on the table, allowing dinner guests to add an extra kick to their meals, with the freedom to use as much or as little as they please depending on their own personal tastes

7 Tips for a Successful Cafe Takeout Service

Many businesses are now finding that they have to adapt their brand and way of delivering these services because of the Covid 19 pandemic. So, what does this mean if you run an independent coffee shop or cafe in your local town or village? Well, one answer is that if you don't already offer a takeout service, then you could branch out into the takeaway sector. Below we explore 7 tips for starting a successful cafe takeout service

Covid safe with Cooksmill

Here at Cooksmill, we know how important your business is to you - and that you want to keep your staff and customers safe and happy in a friendly environment. Here are some ways you can ensure your business is Covid compliant and safe

The Ultimate Guide to Indian Spice Boxes

No matter if you are a budding chef, own a restaurant or are just looking to spice up your kitchen, your cooking space will not be complete without an Indian Spice box. Originally called a Masala Dabba, Indian Spice Boxes are made from stainless steel containers and usually have seven compartments to hold the most widely used spices

The need for takeaways is not diminishing. Its growing!

If the COVID-19 pandemic has proven anything, it’s that the UK's hospitality industry will find ways to adapt and survive in the toughest of circumstances. Since the country went into lockdown back in March, restaurants, pubs and cafes up and down the country have found ways to transition to takeaway and delivery services in order for their businesses to survive

Which Kitchen Thermometer? (Cooking the professional way)

In any professional kitchen, the tools you use are of vital importance. These might be the freshest ingredients, the best cookers, and importantly the perfect kitchen thermometer to make sure that every single dish you create is up to the desired temperature. When it comes to choosing a kitchen thermometer, there are many different types and styles to choose from - so it can be hard to pinpoint exactly what piece of equipment you need in a professional environment

Everything you need to know about Tawas

A Tawa – also know as a Tava, saj, or tapa – is the name for a cooking pan similar in appearance to a wok. They are commonly used across Asia, but can also be found in the cuisine of the Balkans and even the Caribbean.Read on to learn more about the uses for these wonderful pans, how they are made, and how to care for them

Guide to Safely Handling Vegetables During Covid-19

Fresh fruit and vegetables are a concern for restaurants, cafes and any catering business during the covid-19 outbreak. Where meats and poultry will be cooked to remove any germs many fruits and vegetables are eaten raw. How can you make sure that you have taken every precaution to keep yourself and your customers safe

Restaurants, Cafes and Pubs In a Covid-19 World

Many restaurants, cafes, pubs and other food outlets have been thrown a lifeline during the coronavirus crisis by diversifying into the takeaway and delivery sector.Driving revenue during the current public health emergency has required a shift in focus. It has meant equipping your business with what’s needed to quickly switch from dine-in to takeout along with a healthy dose of creativity

Cooksmill Is Now Open

Cooksmill is pleased to announce they are opening their stores. The safety of both our valued customers and staff are at the forefront of our minds. As such we have carefully considered safety precautions in place

Covid 19 Statement

Cooksmill have taken the difficult decision to temporarily close both our online shop and our stores due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic

Buyer’s Guide To Restaurant Cutlery From The Experts At Cooksmill

Owning and operating any restaurant or cafe entails lots of different buying decisions, and this guide helps inform restaurateurs, hoteliers, and cafe owners about the types of stainless steel and the way cutlery is manufactured. Choosing cutlery to suit your establishment will mean making value decisions, as it's generally a good idea to pair cutlery with the type of menu on offer

Sizzler Plates and Bases (Get Sizzling with Cooksmill)

Preparing and serving meals is one of the great joys of both the professional and amateur kitchen. We all want our food to look and smell wonderful. When it is presented to us on a sizzler plate then it becomes all the more appealing and appetising. Food is steaming hot, you get the full and fragrant aroma of the dish, and you hear that wonderful sizzle when a steak has been prepared. Above all, you want to eat the food

Jam Making Equipment List

Don’t be blinded by all the expensive jam making equipment on the market – this list covers the essentials you need to start making jam at home

Beautiful Cake Stands for Every Occasion

Why are cake stands such a key part of special occasions? Surely it's the cake that counts most for your customers? This isn't entirely correct: cake stands make a huge difference to how the cake is perceived and received. Let's have a look at exactly why they matter so much

How Water Baths can Save You Money!

A water bath, otherwise known as a "sous-vide", is a fantastically efficient way of cooking that has been growing considerably in popularity over the last few years. It's easy to dismiss as a fad; however, the water bath has been an invaluable tool in professional kitchens for decades - and with good reason!

Aluminium Cookware: Chefs’ Delight!

Everyone knows that chefs tend to have their very own knives that they look after with care and attention, washing and keeping them sharp themselves. What is less well-known is that truly dedicated chefs have their own preferred sets of cooking pots and pans. These pots and pans can help the chef to correctly gauge cooking times, portion control and much more: but how does a chef go about selecting that all-important set of pots and pans in the first place

Unique Food Service Ideas To Thrill Your Customers

Eating out at our favourite restaurant or bar should always be an enjoyable experience. Not only should the food be cooked to perfection, but it should also be served with loving care. The way in which food is presented and served to us at the table can really make that dining experience memorable

Which pizza pan is the best option for me?

There are few things more satisfying than a delicious, pizza fresh from the oven. Still, there’s always that tense moment as you cut into the pizza, waiting to hear that crunch that tells you the crust is cooked to perfection. The best way to ensure this is to use a top-quality pizza pan. Here’s our guide to choosing the perfect pizza pan

Holiday Opening

Everyone at Cooksmill would like to wish all our customers a happy holiday and a happy new year. Over the holiday period we will have the following opening and delivery times

Italy’s Toschi Cocktail and Coffee Syrups Available in the UK

From sweet and sumptuous cherries, light and delightful coffee syrups, to rich and creamy dessert toppings, Toschi is a great Italian gourmet brand steeped in tradition, culture and history. Explore the wide range of treats offered by this fantastic brand and find their products now available from Cooksmill

Professional Kebab Skewers for Restaurants & Take-Aways

Tandoori dishes have become a ubiquitous dish on the menus of British restaurants. Exotic and appetising, tandoori marinated meats and vegetables are rich, spicy and tender. Skewers are an essential part of cooking tandoori dishes. The metal skewers used in restaurants conduct heat from the fire below and ensure the meat, fish or vegetables are cooked inside as well as out

What size is a Gastronorm Pan?

Gastronorm is a standardisation system used to normalise and classify the dimensions for containers and trays used in the food industry. In this article, we take an in-depth look at the Gastronorm system – its origins, meaning and purpose

Why would you use a pressure cooker? (3 Simple Reasons Why)

You may remember a pressure cooker in the distant past screeching away in the kitchen and, if you shudder at the very thought, it’s not difficult to understand why. However, the stovetop pressure cookers of today are a world away from their old-fashioned ancestors and could transform the way you prepare meals, helping you to cook delicious food that oozes with flavour and nutrients

Cooksmill: The One Stop Shop for Pizza Shop Equipment

Pizza has become one of the most beloved foods throughout the world, with it being available in most countries around the world. From its humble origins in Naples to having frozen pizzas at home, one thing has remained the same and that is centuries of economic, technological and social change being baked into every slice

Why should you choose Inker coffee cups?

One of the reasons Inker cups and saucers should be appearing on a shelf near you is that they can be colour matched to your café, coffee shop, tea room or restaurant with ease. The range comes in a brilliant array of sharp colours, covering its “Luna” cups, and “Mocca” mugs, with matching saucers

Are commercial microwaves better?

Commercial microwaves can be a considerable investment for smaller businesses, which can lead many to be tempted into buying a microwave designed for domestic use. The question is whether or not a commercial microwave is a wise investment, compared to a domestic one. A domestic microwave may be cheaper in the short term, but there are multiple reasons why a commercial microwave can offer much better value for money

Indian Restaurant Equipment Essentials

Starting a new Indian restaurant? Read our ultimate list of Indian kitchen equipment essentials. An authentic Indian restaurant experience requires traditional Indian cookware to deliver scrumptious food!

The Secret to Making Fresh and Succulent Fried Chicken

Chicken is an incredibly versatile meat that can taste mouth-wateringly good when cooked correctly. If you own a takeaway or restaurant, you'll understand that chicken is a popular meat for Britons and it's incredibly important to get the recipe and cooking method right

Is it the end for plastic straws?

In a bid to help cut down pollution in the world's oceans, the UK government has pledged to introduce new controls for all single-use plastic items in 2020. The measures will cover plastic straws, as well as plastic drink stirrers and cotton buds, and they will apply to England from April 2020. What will happen with plastic straws

June Food and Drink Events

The British summer starts here and if the forecasts are to be believed Britain is going to be having a 6 week heat wave. No one wants to be sat inside on a lovely day so it’s a great time for café and restaurant owners as people are out on the streets. Cooksmill bring you loads of great opportunities in this month’s food and drinks event guide

Cooksmill’s Guide to Food Labelling | Infographic

What if we told you that you could boost your profits, reduce your food waste, protect your customers and help the environment all with just a simple peel and stick? You would be right to be sceptical, but you would be surprised to hear that all that can be achieved in a matter of seconds

May Food and Drinks Events

Spring is sprung and May brings us two bank holidays in one month. Bank holidays are a brilliant boost to all kinds of catering businesses from restaurants to mobile caterers as people see the bank holiday as an excuse to treat themselves. Be prepared for an increase in customers and make sure your fridges are stocked up

April Food and Drinks Events

Don't miss out on exciting food and drink events happening across Yorkshire, Manchester and the big events from across the UK. Spring is here and hopefully the sun will be shinning, it's time to get out and about to sample some tasty treats and maybe find some new inspiration for your business

The Ultimate Guide to Chef’s Clothing

Buying chef’s clothing can be a minefield of different styles, colours and uses. With more choice come more questions. For instance, what will look the best in my establishment? Do I need double breasted jackets or a bib apron? And what on earth is the difference between a trilby hat and a chef’s hat

March Food and Drinks Events

Want to know what food events are coming up? We have everything you need to know about the food and drink events you might want to attend this March. This month sees amongst it’s highlights the Manchester Irish Festival, the Harrogate Fine Food Show and the London Coffee Festival

5 Things Every New Coffee Shop Needs

Looking to start a coffee shop? Here are 5 essential products you need to stock up on. From coffee cups and teapots to syrup mixers and cake displays, Cooksmill sell everything you need to get started

Kilner Jar Gifts: 4 Thoughtful & Handmade Ideas

Sometimes, creative gift giving can be a nightmare. Read about 4 thoughtful and homemade Kilner jar gift ideas that won't break the bank! We've handpicked our top 4 ideas to help you create that perfect handmade gift! Read more

Ultimate Guide to Colour Coded Chopping Boards

Possibly the best plastic colour-coded chopping board guide on the web! What are the chopping board rules? Learn about low vs high density chopping boards. Reduce the risk of cross-contamination in your kitchen, cafe or restaurant. ??Get a FREE A4 wall chart poster for your kitchen or food prep area

5 Basic Cooking Hacks | Infographic

No need to use spoon while serving ice cream in a party anymore because you can serve it fast with a knife. All you have to do is to put the knife on a stove top for a minute and two and then use that hot knife to slice the ice cream

Kilner Jars: Classic Designs with Many Uses

Kilner as a business was first established in England in the year 1842, by John Kilner. The business produced glass jars and bottles to begin with, and it was not until the end of the century that the very first official Kilner jar was invented. That original jar design remains as successful and popular in 2016 as it was over a hundred and twenty years ago

Battle of the Cocktails!

This week, debate has divided the team here at Cooksmill. As we start to get into the swing of summer, the conversation turned to cocktails – what we like, what we don’t. Everyone has an opinion. Everyone has a favourite. Nobody can agree. Battle lines have been drawn. Sides have been chosen. Friendships have been put to the test

Chefs Essentials

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a newly-qualified chef or a veteran, it can be frustrating if you don’t have the right tools. The best food is prepared by the best equipment. Therefore, in today’s blog, we’re going to list what we consider to be the essential equipment for any top chef in any kitchen – all of which are available here at Cooksmill

Summer is here!

That’s right, we’re fast approaching the seasonal joys of of overly long school holidays, god-awful panama hats and dare I say…socks with sandals.On the flipside, BBQs and some much promised sun. So it ain’t all bad.At Cooksmill, we’re stocked and ready to cater to all your summer needs – grills for the ace barbecutionist in all of us, cocktail mixers for those garden parties and the uber-fashionable Kilner jars

I.O SHEN Knives

We are proud to announce that we are now official stockists of I.O. SHEN knives. I.O. SHEN knives are truly some of the best knives around and we are very excited to now stock these in store

Funkin Cocktails

As we are now in the run-up to Christmas (yes I know it is still the end of November whilst I write this) we thought we would share with you some of our favourite recipes for our favourite part of Christmas…. Cocktails!

New Biodegradable Range

For those who haven’t heard about it yet, we are now stocking Vegware products! For those who don’t know too much about Vegware let us explain to you just how great they are!

HACCP Explained

If you have not yet come across HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point), it is a science based system that ensures hygiene, health and safety is maximised within the food industry

A rational explanation

This week we have been lucky enough to have two demo sessions from a Rational development chef on their new SelfCookingCentre 5Senses. Rational were keen to show our customers and staff how this exciting piece of kit works, and we can see why!

Chefsware - A Checkered History

When we imagine chefs clothing we think of a gleaming white suit, the favoured choice of many professionals, however in the 1980s the uniform began to evolve to meet the needs of modern chef’s

Gustav Emil Ern Knives & Their History

Knives are unarguably a chefs most important tool, no matter what cuisine is being served up. Professional knives have definitely come a long way since the caveman days of hacking at food with a sharpened piece of rock

World Pasta Day

Saturday 25th October celebrates one of the worlds most loved dishes; pasta. We know there’s a day to celebrate almost everything (even squirrels) but World Pasta Day means that we have an excuse to eat mountains of Italian food without feeling guilty!

Bonkers About Baking

The UK has gone baking mad. In the past 12 months the number of people obsessing over how to avoid a dreaded soggy bottom has rocketed. Baking is now a popular hobby amongst people of all ages. We have officially gone bonkers for baking!

So Who Are Cooksmill?

First and foremost, thank you for visiting the Cooksmill website. It has been a long road up to this point but now is the part we've all been excited about - serving businesses up and down the UK with top quality catering equipment

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