Italy’s Toschi Cocktail and Coffee Syrups Available in the UK

From sweet and sumptuous cherries, light and delightful coffee syrups, to rich and creamy dessert toppings, Toschi is a great Italian gourmet brand steeped in tradition, culture and history. Explore the wide range of treats offered by this fantastic brand and find their products now available from Cooksmill.

An introduction to the Toschi brand

Toschi is a brand of cocktail and coffee syrups established in Modena. This brand has its roots in 1945 when Giancarlo and Lanfranco Toschi first began using alcohol to preserve Vignola cherries, enabling them to enjoy their sweetness all year round. After many years in the business of preserving fruits in alcohol, Toschi eventually opened up their range of products to include expertly crafted syrups, ideal for adding flavour, aroma and subtle sweetness to coffee and cocktails. Toschi has a reputation for producing top quality products that continue to respect the traditional, Italian origin of the recipes.

Toschi Syrups

Cooksmill are now stocking a range of Toschi syrups

Fans of uniquely flavoured coffees, mixology and cocktails can now browse a wide range of Toschi syrups available at Cooksmill. Toschi has a selection of syrups specifically crafted to suit coffee, blending seamlessly without sinking to the bottom. The flavours range from classic vanilla, rich caramel and comforting hazelnut, available in a classic formula in addition to a sugar-free recipe that tastes just as delicious. Other flavoured syrups are better suited to alcoholic or virgin cocktails, providing an intense burst of flavour with just a small amount of product. The fruity flavours include fresh-tasting strawberry, tangy passionfruit, mellow coconut, zingy mandarin, as well as the cocktail favourites – Grenadine, Mojito, Blue Curacao and Sugar Cane. Cooksmill also stocks Toschi’s line of Acrobatic fruit syrups made with the natural flesh and juice of fruit, coming in a ‘ready to mix’ handy speed bottle that easily pours and can easily be closed. Ideal to be mixed with liqueurs, spirits and soft drinks, these syrups are available in some of the trendiest flavours.

Toschi Cherries

Toschi’s cherries

Toschi’s history as a brand began with luxuriously preserved cherries, and they continue to make cherries in the same traditional manner today. These products are now available at Cooksmill. There are two types of Toschi cherries available at Cooksmill, the first is Amarena cherry. Amarena cherries are a famous Toschi product, first discovered 60 years ago. Each cherry is picked at perfect ripeness, carefully stoned and expertly sweetened – making them the perfect garnish for ice cream sundaes, cakes, desserts and cocktails. The syrups that preserve the cherries can also be used after the cherries are finished, which is great for drinks, ice lollies and milkshakes – just add water or milk. Another type of Toschi cherry available at Cooksmill is cocktail cherries. These cherries are designed to be the perfect decoration for drinks, also adding a spectacular pop of colour or delicious flavour to whatever you add them to. These cherries are available in two variations, red cherries and green cherries. The cherries come in a sweet syrup that is flavoured with Maraschino, while each cherry comes with the stalk intact.

Toscho Dessert Toppings

Explore the range of dessert toppings

Toschi’s extended range also includes a large selection of  tasty dessert toppings, ideal for those with a passion for baking, dessert enthusiasts seeking a certain flavour or expert restauranteurs. Toschi toppings are creamy toppings that add a sumptuous and delightfully flavoured added sweetness to desserts. The toppings come in an extensive range of flavours from much-loved classics like chocolate, strawberry and banana, to more experimental flavours such as cherry, salted caramel and toffee. Whether a catering professional or budding home baker, these toppings add an exquisite twist to ice cream, yoghurt, cake, milkshakes and fruit cocktails. Each bottle is made to the most convenient design, featuring a non-drip top that helps you measure out the product, avoid mess and excess.

Add a little extra appeal to your latest culinary creations with these unique and top quality toppings, cherries and syrups. The products are easy to use and made with the finest ingredients, encouraging everyone to incorporate an element of Italian tradition into their kitchen. Browse the large variety of Toschi products available at Cooksmill and find great new additions to inspire you to get creative with desserts, cocktails, soft drinks and coffees. All of the Toschi products found on the Cooksmill website are in stock and available for delivery the next working day.

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