Dish & Glass Washers

Our range of specialised dish and glasswasher chemicals is designed to ensure your restaurant or catering company's crockery and glassware are kept in top condition. Our cleaning solutions are formulated with advanced ingredients that are highly effective at removing stubborn dirt and stains. They are designed to cut through grease and food residue, leaving your dishes sparkling clean and free from any unpleasant odours.

These glasswashing chemicals are designed to remove tough stains and hard water spots from your glassware, leaving them crystal clear and free from any streaks or marks. Our glassware cleaner is gentle on delicate glass surfaces, ensuring your glassware is not damaged during the cleaning process.

Maintaining a hygienic kitchen environment is crucial for commercial kitchens. This is why Our dish and glasswasher chemicals contain powerful antimicrobial agents that help to prevent the growth of harmful bacteria and viruses. Our specialised formula ensures that your dishes and glassware are not only clean but also safe for use.

In addition to our cleaning solutions, we also offer rinse aids, which work in conjunction with our dish and glasswashing chemicals to ensure a complete cleaning solution for your kitchen.

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