Bains Marie

Bains maries are essential equipment in commercial kitchens, designed to keep food items warm and ready for serving. They are made from durable materials such as stainless steel, which ensures their longevity and resistance to damage from frequent use.

The design of our bains maries is focused on maintaining the desired temperature of food items, providing optimal warmth and moisture levels to ensure that the food stays fresh and delicious. They consist of a water bath and a set of pans or containers that are placed in the water bath. The heat source underneath the bath ensures that the water stays at a 

consistent temperature, providing gentle and even heat to the food containers above.

These bains maries are available in various sizes and configurations, from small countertop models to larger ones. They can be used to keep a variety of food items warm, including soups, stews, sauces, and other liquids. The versatility of these units makes them ideal for use in restaurants, catering companies, and other food establishments.

All the components of our bains maries are also easy to take apart, making the cleaning process much easier. Our bains maries have the ability to keep food items at a consistent temperature for extended periods, without the risk of overcooking or burning. This makes them ideal for keeping food items warm and ready for serving, without compromising the quality or freshness of the food.

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