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Bill Presenter Options for Eateries

Just because the meal is over, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t still strive to make a good impression on your customers, and an attractive bill presenter can do just that. Like presenting your menus at the start, presenting the check to your customers can ensure the last display from your restaurant or café is both professional and stylish. Bill folder restaurant options can be as varied as crockery, so it’s important to think about your clientele and what they will expect from a bill presenter before you purchase. It’s vital, too, that you have enough bill folders to satisfy demand in a busy restaurant.

Plate Bill Presenter Options

Many options for holding bills are simple and flat, looking like a small plate that your waiter or waitress leaves on the table. These trays usually have a ridge around them to stop any loose cash falling away from them, and some options may even have a clip for the bill itself to keep it securely in place. One benefit of the plate style bill presenter is that it’s a simple and clear way of offering the bill to customers. The amount of the bill can often be seen at a glance or with a quick unfolding of the paper, allowing transactions to run smoothly.

Why Choose a Bill Folder

A bill folder can be the bill presenter of choice for both small establishments and larger ones – but for different reasons. In a small venue, where customers are likely to pay by cash, the bill folder allows the cash to be placed inside and closed, thereby protecting the money and preventing it being taken before the waiter gets to it. However, a more expensive restaurant may prefer the bill folder to a flat bill presenter as it is more discreet and allows a large bill to be delivered to a table without other customers seeing the amount.

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