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Bakers and pastry chefs know that presentation and convenience are important factors when it comes to packaging and delivering baked goods. Cooksmill’s range of cake disposables are a practical and cost effective solution for all your bakery needs. 

Cake boxes

Cooksmill offers disposable cake boxes in various sizes and designs, catering to all types of cakes. Made from sturdy materials, these boxes provide plenty of protection during transportation and keep your cakes fresh and intact until they reach their destination. Their disposable nature also eliminates the need for cleaning and sanitisation, saving you time and effort.

Cupcake and Muffin cases

Cooksmill also has a range of cupcake and muffin cases available in different sizes, colours and patterns, giving your muffins and cupcakes an attractive and professional look. Made from high quality paper, these cake cases are sturdy enough to protect you cakes while keeping them moist and fresh. Like the cake boxes, these cases are also disposable, making them eco-friendly and hygienic options for bakeries, cafés, and restaurants.

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