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At Cooksmill we have a large range of bottle cooler including sliding door bottle coolers, hinged door bottle coolers and tall display bottle coolers. Beer bottle fridges are in nearly every bar and restaurant as a way to display beer, soft drinks and mixers to customers to optimise sales. A brightly lit bar fridge can tempt customers into a premium drink and increase your revenue.


Single Door Bottle Coolers

Single door bottle coolers offer bottle storage where there isn’t much space or not many bottles are needed for display. If the bottle cooler is going next to a wall look at which way the door opens or if the door is reversible. Although bottle coolers are normally found under the counter single door bottle fridges can often been seen on top of counters in canteens or other self service areas.


Double Door Bottle Coolers

Double door bottle coolers offer more storage and are the most popular choice for bottle coolers. They come with either hinged or sliding doors. Hinged doors offer the advantage that both sides of the cooler can be accessed at once however if you have a narrow bar sliding doors may make for better work flow as bar staff aren’t getting hindered by open doors.


Triple Door Bottle Coolers offer

Triple door bottle coolers are the biggest under bar bottle coolers that offer the maximum amount of storage. If you have a large number of bottles and cans to display and serve a triple door bottle cooler might be for you. Check you space carefully to ensure the bottle fridge will fit before ordering and don’t forget about access from the door to the bar area.


Tall upright bottle coolers offer

Tall or upright bottle fridges are popular in modern bars and restaurants that offer something different to the traditional under counter displays. The tall height makes the maximum impact on display bottles and cans to customers that simply can not be missed.


How to choose a bottle fridge?


  • What size bottles of cans am I selling? Does the fridge have adjustable shelves?
  • What space do I have for the bottle cooler?
  • What is access like from the door to the bar area? Any tight corners or small doors?
  • What colour goes with my decor?
  • Does the cooler have lighting to highlight my products?
  • Do I want hinged or sliding doors?
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