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Upright commercial fridges are designed to be used in a working commercial kitchen such as a restaurant, takeaway or café. They are different to domestic fridges because they are designed to be opened and closed many times during the day and still keep their temperatures.


Hygiene Legislation


A commercial fridge is probably one of the most important things you will have in your kitchen. Food hygiene legislation requires kitchens to record temperatures of all fridges to ensure that food is being kept at a safe temperature for customers to consume. Commercial fridges all have temperature displays allowing you to fill in logs to show you are complying with legislation.


Gastronorm Fridges


Fridges are available with many different capacities depending on the space you have available. Gastronorm fridges are a popular choice as they make moving from fridge to prep area easy with gastronorm sized trays and containers. Most commercial ovens are also gastronorm sized enabling trays of food to be moved directly from the fridge to the oven without needing to change.


Energy Saving Commercial Fridges


An energy saving fridge is a good investment for those that can make the initial outlay. Although the initial cost is more the running costs can be half that of a cheaper more budget fridge. Things to look out for are thicker insulation to keep the cold air inside the fridge, ventilated refrigeration and thermostats with energy saving programs.


Double Door Fridges


If you require a large amount of storage a double door fridge might be suitable. Check that a  large fridge will fit into your kitchen and that there is sufficient access to get the fridge from the entrance to the kitchen taking note of any small doors or passages.  

How to Choose an Upright Commercial Fridge

  • Does the fridge have temperature display?
  • Do I need a gastronorm compatible fridge?
  • Do I want an energy saving fridge?
  • Do I need castors?
  • Do I want a single or double door fridge?
  • Do I want a white or stainless steel fridge?


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