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Microwaveable Food Containers

Our collection of microwavable food containers are great way of supplying customers with a practical and durable container to transport their food and condiments. Made from high quality and robust material, these containers are strong enough to keep your food protected. Available in a large range of shapes and sizes there will be a container to suit your needs.

For Use in Restaurants

Microwavable containers are a great option for restaurants when customers ask if unfinished food can be taken home. These containers are made from high-quality and robust materials, ensuring that the food remains protected during transport. They are also microwave-safe, allowing customers to conveniently reheat their food without needing to transfer it to another container. Additionally, the range of sizes available in microwavable containers makes them suitable for storing leftovers and keeping them well protected on the customer's journey home.

For Use in Takeaways

In regards to takeaway use, microwaveable containers are prefect for busy businesses that need a quick and simple way of packing food for takeaway purposes. The strong and durable build of our microwave safe containers ensures that your food is kept safe and insulated during transport. Additionally, these containers can also be used as a bowl to eat from if necessary. As the microwavable containers are microwave safe, customers are able to reheat their food at their leisure without needing to remove the food from the container.

For Use in the Home

Our great range of microwave safe containers can also be used at home. Do you like meal prepping to make things easier in a busy work week? Our great range of containers makes meal prepping easier with a great range of sizes that will fit your fridge or freezer. The advantage of using microwaveable containers is that you can defrost, heat and eat all in one. We have round microwave safe containers which would be great for soup, multi compartment containers to keep foods separate and bowl shaped containers which would be ideal for pasta or desserts. Whatever you want to cook and store, we have a container to fit.

Microwave Safe Plastic Food Containers

All our microwavable food containers are designed to be safe to use in the microwave. This means that no harmful chemicals will leach into the food when heated. The container itself won’t warp or melt as it gets hot. Some plastics can start to collapse under high heat making them very dangerous when lifting with hot food inside. It’s always best to check any plastic container for a microwave safe symbol before using it in the microwave.

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