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These Copper Bottom Cooksmill Karahi’s are for tableware only, please do not try and cook with them. Traditional Karahis are used for shallow or deep frying and are especially famous for stews, often named Karahi after the cooking pot. Karahi’s are also used to serve food at the table and come in several different shapes, sizes and materials.

Copper Bottom Karahi’s add elegance and refinement to the table. They bring a traditional uplift to the meal and look timeless thanks to the copper addition at the bottom of the Karahi. The majority of Copper Bottom Karahi’s that we sell are stainless steel, further boosting the longevity and quality of the Karahi.

Cooksmill offers a wide range of sizes to suit a range of dishes and establishments. Most Copper Bottom Karahi’s come with handles to make it easy to lift and move the dish around. Karahi’s are great for a range of dishes, from lamb and chicken curries to rice dishes.

Karahi’s for Tableware are great as they offer the traditional look and feel of cookware Karahi’s (such as Black Iron Karahi’s) but are often easier to clean, use, and move than the traditional cooking Karahi’s.

Copper Bottom Karahi’s are a great choice for food presentation, the Karahi is a reliable piece of tableware to own that you can come back to again and again. It will last the test of time in even the busiest of kitchens and restaurants.

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