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Tab Grabber for Efficient Kitchens

Keeping track of order processing is vital for any successful kitchen, so a tab grabber is a cheap yet essential piece of kit. An order grabber is deceptively simple in how it works – it simply acts as a restaurant ticket holder which displays restaurant paper orders to everyone in the kitchen, so they know which orders are still to be fulfilled. This has benefits for both smaller kitchens and larger ones, with smaller ones able to keep track of orders in a more cramped environment, while larger ones with more staff can keep an overview on everything with the tab grabber check on order holder.

Choosing an Order Grabber

Order grabbers only improve the efficiency of a kitchen if they are displayed prominently. Some restaurants keep their tab grabber above the serving hatch if they have one, so that every order can be double-checked before it leaves the kitchen to ensure it’s accurate. For areas with less space, the restaurant ticket holder should still be somewhere prominent. Fortunately, most tab grabbers are able to be wall mounted, allowing kitchen managers to place them in the position that is most suited to their kitchen and requirements. Just ensure that everyone in the kitchen has access to the order grabber when they need it.

Simple Restaurant Order Grabber

Ideally, a tab grabber will become part of your cooking area’s background, meaning that it’s there, it serves its purpose and you rarely have to think about it. For this reason, aluminium is a common material base for an order grabber. It’s a long-lasting material that is both lightweight and in keeping with the rest of a kitchen. It combines efficiency with simple stylishness, making it the ideal material to be used as a tab grabber in any restaurant of any size.

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