Aluminium Pans

Aluminium pizza pans are a great option for making pizza. They are designed for use in restaurants, pizzerias, and other catering companies. Cooksmill aluminium pizza pans provide chefs with a reliable and efficient way to bake delicious pan pizzas with perfectly crisp crusts.

Made from high-quality aluminium, our pizza pans are built specifically for everyday commercial use. They feature advanced construction techniques and innovative design, ensuring they are both durable and aesthetically pleasing.

Our versatile pizza pans can be used to bake a wide variety of pizzas, including thin-crust, thick-crust, and deep-dish. The pans are available in different sizes and shapes, allowing chefs to choose the perfect pan for each type of pizza. Whether you need a pan for a thin crust or a perforated pan for a crispy brown crust, we’ve got the pizza pan for you.

High Quality Pizza Pans

In addition to their many uses, our aluminium pizza pans are also highly practical. The high quality of the aluminium ensures your pizzas don't stick to the pan. This makes it easy to remove them without damaging the crust. The pans also feature raised edges that keep your pizza toppings from spilling over during baking.

Our selection of aluminium pizza pans offer pizza chefs a reliable, practical, and efficient way to bake delicious pizzas. Your guaranteed to have a perfectly crisp crusts every time. Whether you're baking pizzas at a busy pizzeria or catering a large event, our aluminium pizza pans are the best option for delicious pizzas.

Heat, the Pizza Chef’s Secret Weapon.

A perfectly baked pizza relies on even heat distribution, and aluminum shines (literally) in this department. Its high thermal conductivity (147 W/m·K compared to cast iron's 51.9 W/m·K) ensures uniform baking, preventing dreaded soggy patches and ensuring a beautifully crisp crust. 

While cast iron may hog the glory with its rustic charm, and trendy pizza stones boast of even heat distribution, aluminum pans quietly deliver on both fronts.

A 2020 study published in the Journal of Culinary Science confirms this, reporting that pizzas baked in aluminum pans exhibited significantly less moisture retention and achieved a more evenly browned crust compared to their cast iron counterparts.

Where To Buy Aluminium Pizza Pans

The best place to buy your aluminium pizza pans is at Cooksmill. We have the largest selection of sizes available, and, we have the best prices on the market. What’s more, you also get fast free courier delivery on all orders over £60. Deep dish pizza to thin crust pizza, we have you covered.

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