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1.5 Inch Deep Aluminium Pizza Pans

Our 1.5" deep pizza pans allow you to achieve that perfect texture of your pizza crusts. A smooth pizza pan means less heat reaches the crust of the pizza, resulting in a more moist and chewy pizza crust. Aluminium, unlike other materials, conducts heat quickly and distributes it evenly, meaning the cooking time will be less, yet still resulting in the same outcome each time. A pizza pan means the dough has not been handled as much, so the air bubbles are left behind to create a spongy texture.

The pans rim ensures your pizza crust doesn't overflow, allowing the pizza to retain its perfectly signature shape. 1.5" deep results in mouthwatering deep pan pizzas. Once your pizza is cooked and ready to serve, the pan can also double as a serving dish, making it easy to take your freshly cooked pizza and serve them to your customers. Our pans are also easy to clean, handwashing is recommended as dishwashers can affect the aluminium. The pans stack nicely inside one another, saving space in the kitchen too.

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