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Commercial upright freezers are designed to give commercial kitchens in hotels, restaurants, pubs and cafes the large amounts of storage they need. Freezers are a vital part of any kitchen for holding ingredients, ready made desserts, pre cooked meals and components such as stocks.  


Fixed or Adjustable Shelves?


As a general rule cheaper freezers have fixed shelves with the shelves themselves having coils that cool the freezer. Premium freezers with ventilated cooling have adjustable shelves so that they can accommodate all heights and sizes of boxes. While premium freezers are more expensive better methods of cooling are more efficient and can halve the running costs of cheaper freezers.


White or Stainless Steel?


Upright freezers come in either white or stainless steel. Stainless steel is more hard wearing than a white laminated finish with it being less susceptible to scratches. However white laminate is easier to clean than stainless steel. Another factor is that stainless steel looks more professional, if your kitchen is open plan and visible to customers stainless steel will give a better impression.


Does it Fit?


It may seem obvious to check the dimensions in your kitchen to see if an upright freezer will fit into the space you want it to be in your kitchen but have you also checked how it will get into place? Remember to check all doors and corridors from the outside door to the kitchen door to make sure it will get into the kitchen. Look at whether the freezer has castors fitted which will help you move the cabinet.


How to Choose an Upright Commercial Freezer?


  • Do I need fixed or adjustable shelves?
  • Do I want white or stainless steel?
  • What capacity do I need?
  • Have I checked the dimensions?
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