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Toschi have a range of syrups and mixers for cocktails, long drinks and coffee. Made in Italy for over 60 years Toschi are a top brand name in the Italian market. The family business started in 1945 when Giancarlo and Lanfranco Toschi first dipped cherries into alcohol to preserve them and enjoy them all year round. Now run by Giorgio Montorsi and Massimo Toschi the company has increased their portfolio of products whilst retaining Italian values of family, tradition and quality.

Toschi Cocktail Syrups

The Toschi range of cocktail syrups are designed for professional use in restaurants, cocktail bars, hotels and catering businesses that want to make professional standard drinks. The range has a huge array of flavours from raspberry to banana and coconut to elderflower. Whether you are making a traditional cocktail or capitalising on the growth of premium non alcoholic drinks Toschi have the syrups to allow you to make a range of exciting drinks.

The bottles are designed to be easy to grip with an appealing and contemporary shape. They will look spectacular behind the bar as well as being practical for use in a busy environment. The label is modern and elegant with a pictorial representation of the flavour for instant recognition.  

Toschi Coffee Syrups

Toschi coffee syrups can be added to coffee and hot chocolate to create exquisite flavoured coffees for an innovative and special drink that your customers will remember. Designed for professional use in coffee shops, hotels and restaurants the syrups are available in vanilla, hazelnut and caramel. They use the same easy grip bottles as the cocktail syrups for easy service in a busy coffee shop.

Toschi Acrobatic Fruit

Toschi acrobatic fruit is made from flesh and juice packed into speed bottles for making fresh fruit cocktails and mocktails. They are available in delicious flavours such as passion fruit, strawberry and coconut ready to be mixed with spirits or soft drinks for a high quality finish. Designed for professional use the bottles will fit into speed rails at cocktails bars or restaurants with a pour cap that makes them quick and easy to use.

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