Time for the perfect coffee: A complete how too on cafetières

For most of us, a cup of coffee, whether it's that first caffeine kick of the morning or an after-dinner treat, is all about the ritual of making it. It's in this aspect that the cafetière (known more commonly in America as the 'French Press') pulls way ahead of the competition. It's a hands-on and suitably old-school way of making the perfect cup and an ideal way of serving coffee from upmarket bistros to your home breakfast bar.

Better than instant and just as quick

Instant coffee is made from the freeze-dried grounds of whole coffee beans. Its long shelf life, easy preparation and quick brew time make it the easy go-to pour for many coffee drinkers. This ease, however, doesn't necessarily translate into a decent coffee.

Instant coffee's shortcomings are made particularly evident when compared to coffee made using the traditional cafetière. Using beans that have been freshly ground and brewed as soon as possible, the coffee from the cafetière gives a beautiful, deep aroma along with a richer and much more complex flavour profile.

How to make coffee using a cafetière

Making cafetière (French Press) coffee might look like an intimidating undertaking to the uninitiated, but it really couldn't be more simple. It's so simple that it's easy to make it your go-to brewing method in domestic or commercial environments.

Buy Cafetiere OnlineThe three steps to perfect cafetière coffee are:

  1. Use water that isn’t too hot. Boiling water will burn the ground and lead to an unpleasant bitter taste that will ruin the coffee. Most commercial water boilers aren’t actually set at boiling temperature but slightly under for this reason. If you’re boiling a kettle, leave it to rest for a few minutes.
  2. Pour one heaped tablespoon (that's about 6 grams) of freshly ground coffee into the cafetière for every cup you want to make. Then, gently pour over the slightly cooled water and stir it, letting it sit undisturbed (and with the lid on to help it keep the heat) for around three to four minutes.
  3. Finally, press down on the plunger, filtering the water through the coffee at pressure and trapping the grounds at the bottom of the cafetière, leaving your drink smooth and free of floating bits.

Which coffee should you use in a cafetière?

As with all food and drink, coffee preferences are a very personal thing and come down to individual tastes. Some want it strong, while others want it mild. Having a range of coffees to offer is a great way to keep people pleased.

What you will want to do every time, however, is buy the freshest coffee you can. At best, this means purchasing whole beans and grinding them yourself right before you brew them. However, to save time, you can also buy the coffee pre-ground at equally as high quality with a taste that is just as fresh.

Both whole beans and freshly ground coffee have strength ratings from 1 (mild) to 5 (strong). Although there's no set industry standard across brands (and it's never an exact science), with a bit of experimenting, you'll soon get an understanding of what it is that gives the most satisfying drink.

Buy Cafetieres onlineWhich cafetière should you buy?

By using the cafetière, you're already embracing one of the most traditional ways of getting your coffee from bean to cup, but that doesn't mean that there aren't options available to help you update things a little.

The build and functional properties of cafetières are relatively standard across all models; there are various design qualities available to you. From the traditional glass and copper models to sleeker, more forward-thinking and modern brushed steel designs, there's a model to suit any dining environment.

There are also a wide range of sizes available. A 350ml cafetière would be ideal for a single serving of coffee, or a 3 cup model would be perfect for a couple. However, there are larger models with 12 cup or 1 litre capacities designed for cafes or restaurants.

When deciding which model to buy think about the amount of coffee you need to serve and which model will best fit your décor.

Buy cafetière online

Ideal for business or home

The cafetière is the ideal coffee maker for both business environments and commercial environments.

At home, it allows you to take a little bit of extra care in making your coffee, adding to the ritual of making it and building the entire experience into something more enjoyable with a better quality end product.

Similarly, at businesses, from cafes to pubs to restaurants, serving coffee in a cafetière adds an element of class and thoughtfulness to your serving. It's an easily recognisable hallmark of high-quality coffee that, when served, elevates the overall drinking experience in a way that is memorable and consistently enjoyable.

So, whether you want to bring a touch of continental luxury to your pub, cafe or restaurant, or simply want to make your morning coffee feel that little bit more special, have a look through our range of cafetières and make every cup the perfect one.

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