Your questions answered on disposable aluminium foil food containers.

Whether you're a food business offering food for takeaway or an individual who loves to cook, disposable aluminium foil food containers can be indispensable. But are they safe? Why are they so popular? And what are they used for?

Read on to have all of your questions about disposable aluminium foil food containers answered.

Buy Aluminium Food ContainersWhy is aluminium used to make food containers?

There are many reasons why aluminium is used to make food containers. Firstly, it's able to withstand both hot and cold temperatures, which means that you can use these containers both in the oven and in your freezer. It's also an affordable material, which means you can stock up on disposable aluminium foil food containers without breaking the bank, and it's a fantastic barrier too. Aluminium will keep your food protected from liquids, gases and light, so it can help your food keep for even longer.

What's more, aluminium is also recyclable, meaning that you can do your bit for the environment!

Are aluminium food containers dangerous?

The short answer is no. These containers are made from a metal that can withstand extreme temperatures (both hot and cold) without deforming or releasing any harmful chemicals.

Are aluminium food containers safe?

Aluminium food containers are very safe. As well as being designed to withstand both hot and cold temperatures, as explained above, they are safe in several other ways. They will create an airtight storage solution for food that will prevent it from being spoiled by liquids or gases and can help to avoid cross-contamination with other ingredients. Some are also safe for microwave use. However, be sure to double-check the foil containers' packaging first to make sure that this is the case for your product.

Why are aluminium food containers popular with takeaways?

Takeaways love aluminium containers for various reasons. They will keep food either hot or cold for a reasonable period, meaning that the customer can enjoy a meal at the temperature it should be served at. They're easy to stack and store and don't take up much space, which is essential in a busy restaurant, and they're safe for food use.

What's more, they come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, meaning that you can use them for a wealth of different dishes. And with cardboard lids, it's easy to write the name of the contents on top without every single container having to be opened first to see what's inside.

Buy Aluminium Food ContainersWhat uses are there for them in the home?

For home cooks, uses for foil containers are pretty similar to in a restaurant. Many people choose to use them for batch cooking, as they can keep food in the freezer in portions, writing the name of the dish on the cardboard lid for future reference. The containers can then be put straight into the oven to avoid the hassle.

Some like to roast meat joints in an aluminium tray to avoid the need to wash up a roasting tin afterwards (particularly helpful for occasions like Christmas, when there's already enough to do). At the same time, it's also possible to cook things like cakes, traybakes, lasagne and more directly in an aluminium container. They're handy if you want to take your creation to a party, picnic or other celebration and don't want to worry about the risk of losing a prized kitchen dish.

When the sun is shining, a barbecue is often the order of the day, and aluminium containers are useful here, too. They can withstand the heat of the flames and coals, so they're ideal for cooking everything from jacket potatoes to fillets of fish to vegetables - conducting the heat well while also making sure your food has no direct contact with the barbecue itself. Try using aluminium containers to keep vegetarian or vegan dishes separate from meat dishes, without the need for a separate grill!

What different size options are there?

Take a look at the disposable aluminium foil food containers we sell, and you'll find a whole host of different shapes and sizes. We offer various sizes of rectangular and square containers that hold individual portions and large aluminium containers for larger batches.

Round containers for pies and desserts, multi-compartment containers for full meals, large aluminium roasting trays for a Sunday dinner or a special occasion roast without the need to wash up- we've got plenty of choice for all occasions!

To see the range of disposable aluminium foil food containers we have available in a range of shapes, sizes and quantities, visit our online shop here.

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