Restaurants, Cafes and Pubs In a Covid-19 World

Many restaurants, cafes, pubs and other food outlets have been thrown a lifeline during the coronavirus crisis by diversifying into the takeaway and delivery sector.

Driving revenue during the current public health emergency has required a shift in focus. It has meant equipping your business with what’s needed to quickly switch from dine-in to takeout along with a healthy dose of creativity.


The coronavirus rule changes

After ordering the complete shutdown of restaurants, pubs and cafes on the 20th March, the government moved quickly to relax the rules on catering outlets to enable them to operate as takeaway and delivery businesses.

Downing Street said the relaxation in planning regulations, allowing social venues to provide food delivery services, would enable establishments to maintain a revenue stream while helping people who are staying at home to get food.


The practical essentials of introducing a dine-out service

The fundamental essential of introducing a takeaway and delivery service to your business is pretty simple. Ensure food is delivered in a way which means it does not become unfit or unsafe to eat.

That means protecting food from contamination at all times, using effective non-toxic packaging and giving consideration to which foods need to be kept hot or cold during transportation.


Effective food packaging for takeaways and delivery services

Takeaway food

Packaging preserves food, enables it to be transported and reassures customers that the contents are fresh and safe.

Having a good stock of different types of disposable food and drink containers enables you to offer a wide menu choice.

Aluminium containers are perfect for all manner of takeout foods. They're particularly popular with Chinese and Indian takeaways. With excellent properties for conserving heat, foil packaging is also ideal for cold foods. Aluminium resists grease and oil to prevent leakage and is strong enough to handle heavy foods.

Available in square, rectangular and round shapes in a variety of sizes, thick, high-quality aluminium foil trays can be frozen and used in conventional ovens. Note, they are not suitable for microwaves.

Alternatively, plastic food containers are strong, leak-resistant and non-absorbent, as are our polystyrene options. Polystyrene has the advantage of offering insulation to heated contents and has long been popular with fish and chip shops and outlets selling burgers and the like.

Clear plastic containers enable foods to be on display to customers so they can see what they’re buying. They're often used to store, display and transport sandwiches and salad and pasta dishes, for example.

For sauces and sides, plastic and polystyrene pots are leak-proof and convenient.

For something a little different, and to add a touch of class, consider a different coloured option such as these red and black plastic containers.

Understandably, plastic packaging gets a bad press in today’s environmentally-conscious world but you can reassure your customers by offering one of our biodegradable plastic packaging options.

Paper food packaging is increasingly popular thanks to its environmentally-friendly properties. Paper conserves heat well and repels grease. Paper-based packaging comes in a vast range of sizes, shapes, designs and colours.

Biodegradable packaging is the ideal choice for eco conscious businesses. It's also a great selling point to advertise your business. Many customers are conscious of the ecological impact of their purchases and will support businesses that help reduce waste.


Disposable tableware and serving options

If your customers are eating and drinking on the go, then disposable tableware is a necessity.

Consider disposable beverage cups and cutlery, as well as napkins and wipes.


Delivering food - packing and transporting

Takeaway food packaging

Once it’s all prepared and ready to go. Individual customer orders will need to be packed and bagged up. Recyclable paper bags are increasingly demanded by the food-buying public but plastic bags are still incredibly versatile and ideal for heavier orders.

Transporting food safely is absolutely essential to ensure it arrives at your customers safely and securely. There is a range of options available to enable this, depending on what it is you’re moving.

Insulated bags, thermo boxes and cool boxes ensure hot and cold food and drinks maintain their temperature during transit. Lightweight Thermo boxes can keep food hot or cold for up to 10 hours! It's extremely important that your restaurant quality food survives transportation to maintain the freshness, quality and reputation your food deserves.

If you're transporting fresh ingredients between locations such as poultry, red meat, fish, fruit and vegetables then a vented Araven food transport box will keep the contents safe, secure and unspoilt.


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