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Pizza has become one of the most beloved foods throughout the world, with it being available in most countries around the world. From its humble origins in Naples to having frozen pizzas at home, one thing has remained the same and that is centuries of economic, technological and social change being baked into every slice. Because of this, pizza also has great margins. With the help of social media to advertise and find the right place to set up shop, you can enhance your profit margin. If you are looking for pizza equipment from pizza ovens to pizza delivery bags, Cooksmill is the one-stop-shop that has everything you require for your pizza business.

Types of pizza pans

There are several kinds of  pizza pans and each one offers a varied style of pizza. The type of pan you should use depends on what kind of pizza you would like to serve.

Deep dish pizza pans - These pans are very distinctive when compared to other pizza pans due to their high metal walls. They are available in mild steel, aluminium and hard anodised pans.

Pizza screens - These help your pizza to bake quicker. Because of the mesh bottom, heat can efficiently move into the pizza dough which results in a crispier base that is exclusive only to a pizza screen.

Regular pizza pans - Most pans are created out of aluminium or hard anodised aluminium for added durability. These pizza pans are also versatile so you can bake, slice and serve on the exact same pan.


Cooksmill offers a wide range of  pizza accessories for every situation.

Pizza cutter - An excellent quality pizza cutter is a must when it comes to delivering outstanding pizza. When your pizza comes out of the oven and needs to be cut for serving, leave the knife and go for the pizza wheel instead.

Pizza paddle - These are considered as the most essential accessory to pizza making and it's ideal to invest in a quality one so you aren't constantly buying new ones.

Pizza brush - An oven brush is often required when you have a large pizza oven and a high-quality brush with a lengthy handle is perfect for such a task.

Pizza ovens

Cooksmill has some high-quality  pizza ovens such as Cuppone as well as having budget-friendly ovens like Lincat.

Cupppone pizza ovens - The rapidly expanding Cuppone pizza oven series is elegant and stylish, unlike several pizza ovens that are currently on the market. Manufactured in Italy, the Cuppone Tiziano oven is an electric pizza oven that is a best seller combining high build quality with excellent value for money. It features a panoramic glass door and interior lights which allows the chef to view the progress of their pizzas without having to open the door. The stone base produces authentically cooked Italian pizzas. Cuppone's gas pizza ovens are extremely practical and transportable due to wheels on the bottom, allowing easy movement. Heat distribution columns are throughout the oven floor that enables heat to be distributed evenly, producing great pizzas every time. Having been on the market for over twenty years, these ovens provide reliable service to businesses all over Europe.

Lincat: The Lincat is a cheaper option for businesses who want authentic pizza yet don't want to break the bank. It's a versatile oven that can cook a variety of pizza types along with thermostat control for consistent results.

Deck pizza ovens can be used to bake many other delicious foods, not just pizza. Baking bread in a pizza oven will give it large volume and a crispy crust. After allowing the dough to expand, shape it and place it on a pizza stone to cook for 30-35 minutes or until you hear a hollow noise when you pat the bread. Cookies are also a great choice to bake in a pizza oven. Just cook them for ten minutes or so and you'll end up with golden cookies.

Prep counters

Cooksmill has a wide range of  prep counters. Refrigerated pizza prep counters include drawers to hold sauce spoons, pizza cutters and other pizza-making equipment and have self-closing doors to help stop doors from being accidentally left open. This helps to preserve temperature and food within the counter. Many of the prep counters are made from stainless steel with rounded edges for easier cleaning and reduce food debris.

Cooksmill has a wide variety of pizza shop equipment with their Manchester shop open 7 days a week as well as their online store where you can order at any time that suits you.

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