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If you run a busy restaurant, you'll know that investing in high quality, robust cleaning equipment is essential. With tough health and hygiene standards to meet, restaurants face the daily challenge of effective cleaning. However, having the right cleaning products can make running your business so much easier and will prevent harmful viruses and bacteria from spreading onto food.


Why is it important to keep restaurant kitchens clean?

Serving paying customers food and drink comes with a high level of responsibility. If your kitchen and bar areas aren't kept sufficiently clean, they can turn into breeding grounds for bacteria and viruses. These germs can then make their way into the dishes and drinks you're serving, putting your customers' health at risk. Food poisoning, common colds, viruses and bacterial infections can all be passed on as a result of dirty surfaces and equipment.

First and foremost, your customers' health and safety are of paramount importance when they're in your venue. Second, illnesses caused by contaminated food or dirty kitchens can have major financial implications for hospitality businesses. You can minimise these risks by keeping your pub or restaurant clean at all times.

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What are the best kitchen cleaning products?

The best cleaning products for your catering business will differ from those you may use for your home kitchen. Your commercial kitchen will be in heavy use every day, and there'll be high foot traffic from people using it. As a business owner, you'll also be subject to inspections and will have to keep up with strict food health and safety standards, so you will need professional-grade cleaning products.

You should always make sure you're stocked up with the basics for effective pub and restaurant cleaning. You'll need heavy-duty general cleaners to keep your kitchen surfaces and tables wiped free from grease and grime throughout the day. We stock a range of disinfectant general cleaners, as well as everyday items like anti-mould and mildew sprays, bleach cleaners, hand sanitisers and anti-bacterial sprays to help you implement a tough and effective basic cleaning regime.


Buying the right chemicals

Make sure you also have a sufficient supply of kitchen chemicals. These are the tougher cleaners you will need to deep clean your floors and surfaces at the end of each day. You'll need to think about all the different types of surfaces in your kitchen that can harbour germs, including stainless steel worktops, fridges, cupboards, flooring and shelving. You should also consider what is the best equipment you can buy to keep your surfaces clean; you'll need a variety of sponges, clothes, wipes and mops to apply your products effectively and safely. Always opt for the heaviest duty cleaning equipment and accessories; the types of cloths, sponges, mops and kitchen towels you buy for your business will need to be a lot more robust and durable than those you buy for your home.

Kitchen cleaning chemicals are vital in order to kill 100 per cent of bacterial and viruses on your surfaces. These ultra-tough products will help minimise the risk to your customers and enable you to adhere to health and safety standards. You should also use chemicals to clean your cleaning equipment itself. Items such as mop buckets, mops and cloths come into frequent contact with germs, so should be regularly disinfected.

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Antibacterial Surface CleanerTop 10 cleaning products for restaurant kitchens

  1. Cooksmill Antibacterial Surface Sanitiser (750 ml)
  2. Astonish Anti-Bacterial Cleanser 750ml
  3. Cooksmill Antibacterial Surface Sanitiser (5 Litre)
  4. Nilco H1 Antibacterial Cleaner Sanitiser 5 Litre
  5. Astonish Handwash Coconut 500ml
  6. Astonish Wood Floor Polish Tangerine & Cinnamon 1Ltr
  7. Caustic Soda 5Kg
  8. Cooksmill Bactericidal Liquid Hand Soap Unperfumed (5 Litre)
  9. Uniwipe Washroom Wipes (Pack 100)
  10. Cooksmill Pine Disinfectant (5 Litre)


Are restaurant kitchens cleaner than home kitchens?

Restaurant kitchens are typically used far more often than home kitchens throughout the day. A lot of strain is placed on commercial kitchens and equipment, and therefore they are vulnerable to becoming far dirtier than the average home kitchen. Added to this is the pressure business owners face in adhering to food safety standards.

This means that the kitchen cleaning supplies for your commercial kitchen will likely be very different from the ones you buy for your home. Commercial kitchens are very likely to be kept cleaner than home kitchens as they hold huge responsibilities when it comes to other peoples' health. They require heavy-duty supplies and a regular, foolhardy cleaning regime.

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