Kilner Jars: Classic Designs with Many Uses

Kilner Jars

Kilner as a business was first established in England in the year 1842, by John Kilner. The business produced glass jars and bottles to begin with, and it was not until the end of the century that the very first official Kilner jar was invented. That original jar design remains as successful and popular in 2016 as it was over a hundred and twenty years ago, thanks to its iconic design and distinctive pressure seal. The simple fact is that all over the world, households know that Kilner jars are still the best way to preserve and pickle fruit and vegetables.

The many uses of Kilner jars

kilner clip top jarKilner jars come in various shapes and sizes today, but their fundamental use remains the same – the storage and preservation of food. Kilner jars can be used to save leftovers such as stews or soups, chopped vegetables, grains such as rice, scrambled eggs and more. Nut butter is another foodstuff that can be stored in Kilner jars , while a different use might be to soak the likes of nuts or seeds overnight, which cuts down on the amount of enzyme inhibitors in them. They can also be great for keeping herbs nice and fresh when stored in the refrigerator, or storing spice mixes and dry pantry staples such as baking soda, pasta, rice, dry beans and sea salt.

The increasing popularity of juicing in the United Kingdom has also led to a new use for Kilner jars, as they are excellent for storing homemade juice and preventing it from going bad. Another popular modern trend is storing entire salads inside Kilner jars, providing excellent healthy meals that will last for a good period of time. Storing prepared salads inside Kilner jars also means that the ingredients are able to mingle, in a way that will make them even more flavourful and tastier than usual.

Kilner jars have been a kitchen essential for a very long time, and with a seemingly endless number of uses, old and new, they look like staying around for a long time to come.

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