Kilner Jar Gifts: 4 Thoughtful & Handmade Ideas

Sometimes, creative gift giving can be a nightmare. Shops seem to be full of the same old stuff that every person already has, shopping centres are just exhausting and it can be hard to see what you’re actually buying online until it turns up in the post!

It’s hard to find something personal for that special person in your life. That’s why a hand crafted gift makes an excellent present, and the receiver will realise you’ve gone to a lot of effort. One of the easiest handmade gifts you can create is to fill a Kilner jar with something tailored to the individual. Kilner or Mason jar gifts are relatively inexpensive to create and are extremely thoughtful. With so many variations of Kilner jar gifts online, we've handpicked our top 4 ideas to help you create that perfect handmade gift.

cookie mix in kilner jar


#1 Cookie mix in a Kilner jar

If you're looking for a present for someone who likes baking, cookie mix in a Kilner jar is the perfect present! To get the 'instagramable' layering, there is a step by step process you need to follow carefully. Remember, the size of the Kilner jar will determine the number of cookies the receiver can bake. Our Kilner Round Clip Top Jar 1 Litre would be the perfect capacity for a batch of 6-8 'normal' sized cookies.

First, you need to buy all the ingredients that are needed to create your favourite cookie or cookie dough mix. You then need to measure the ingredients out in to separate bowls or tubs ready for them to be layered into the jar. You should then layer the dry ingredients first. Dry ingredients may include; sugar, cocoa powder, flour and spices etc. When you’ve filled the jar with dry ingredients, add chocolate chips, dried fruit or sweets on top of the dry mix and tightly seal the jar.

To finish off the present, you'll need to attach a label to the jar (handwritten of course!). This note will ensure the person receiving the gift can finish off the cookie recipe with the final perishable ingredients such as softened butter, eggs or flavouring extracts. Don't forget to tie a pretty ribbon around the neck of the jar to finish off the gift. We're certain you’ll have a very happy baker on your hands when they receive this thoughtful present.

Cookie mix Kilner jar gifts are perfect for adults and children. Simply add coloured sweets or marshmallows instead of chocolate chips or spices if it is intended for a child. Check out this recipe for a quick and easy chocolate chip cookie recipe.

retro sweets in kilner jar


#2 Retro sweets in a Kilner jar

If you’re not very confident about your crafting skills, retro sweets in a Kilner jar is probably the easiest thoughtful present you can make! With many retro sweet brands making a comeback in recent years, Dip Dab, Fizzers and Parma Violet to name a few, this relatively inexpensive idea allows you to 100% tailor the individual sweets inside for the receiver and is the perfect gift idea for large families or groups of people. All you need to decide is how big you need your Kilner jar to be - with a huge range online, we've got just about every size.

Don't forget, the size of the jar will determine the costs of the sweets, so if you are tight on budget, keep your jar relatively small - our 0.5l Kilner storage jar should provide enough space for a small selection of sweets. If you are creating a retro sweets jar for a family or group of friends, our huge 4 litre Kilner storage jar will create a head turning spectacle! If you buy a jar that is too big, you can always add tissue paper at the bottom to bulk out the empty space.

Once you have purchased your Kilner jar, simply add the receivers favourite retro treats to the jar, then decorate with a pretty ribbon and a colourful label. You can buy many retro sweets in high street shops and supermarkets, however, for more niche sweets, and may come in handy.

mini alcohol selection in kilner jar


#3 Mini alcohol selection in a Kilner jar

The perfect small gift for an alcohol connoisseur, a mini selection of alcohol bottles in a Kilner jar will certainly go down well for that certain someone who enjoys a tipple in your life. A DIY mini liquor jar can be 100% personalised to the individual and could contain all the ingredients needed for a tasty cocktail recipe or simply contain small bottles of their favourite single malts to be enjoyed neat or with a mixer.

This mini bar in a Kilner jar gift idea is perfect for grandads, fathers or even school teachers at the end of a stressful term. You could even create themed liquor jars for a wedding or special event such as stag and hen parties. To get started creating your 'bar in a jar', you'll need to purchase miniature bottles of alcohol - please note: you will need to be over 18 years old to do this in the UK. They are relatively easy to find in the UK, with most shops and supermarkets now offering a wide range of 50ml spirit bottles, just like the type you drink on a plane!

The selection of what goes inside the jar all depends on the receivers taste buds and what their favourites may be. The size of Kilner jar needed will depend on your budget for alcohol, the more miniature bottles, the bigger the jar you'll need! Our signature Kilner 0.75 litre clip top jar is the perfect size for roughly 4 to 6 50ml bottles. If you're looking to create something bigger, our signature Kilner 1.05 litre clip top jar should provide enough room to stack miniature bottles on top of each other, holding roughly 8 to 12 mini bottles. If you have any spare room in your jar after adding your contents, you could always include a few drinking accessories such as a drinks measure, drink stirrers or cans of mixers.

Don't forget to finish your 'bar in a Kilner jar' gift with an attractive handwritten label and colourful ribbon. After all, you want to make sure the recipient knows who created their wonderful present.

succulents in kilner jar


#4 Succulent plants in a Kilner jar

If you haven't already noticed the growing trend of artistically displaying succulents around the home, you must have been living under a rock. From aloe vera plants to potted cacti, succulents are one of the best plants you can buy, as they need very little maintenance due to storing water in their leaves. This Swedish trend has inspired our 4th and final Kilner jar gift idea and is relatively inexpensive to create - most potted succulents cost from £1 to £5. Best of all, this is the gift that will keep on giving long after you have given it as the duty of looking after the succulents will be passed on to the recipient!

No matter what level of light there is in the receiver’s house or how often they are around, these little plants will suit living in a Kilner jar perfectly. Before running to the shop to buy succulents, you first need to decide what sized Kilner jar you need as this will determine how many succulents you'll need to purchase.

If you are looking to create a Kilner jar gift with just one succulent plant, our vintage 0.25 litre Kilner jar would do just the trick. If you would like to create a slightly larger, more plant pot sized gift with lots of succulents, our 0.5 litre universal Kilner jar without the lid offers a larger opening to create a succulent garden.

To create this living gift, all you need to do is layer a small amount of sand, dirt, rocks or shells in your chosen Kilner jar, then add the succulent on top with a little bit of water and topping soil - check out Etsy for bright and bold layering sand. To find out more about creating the perfect succulent garden, read this 'how to' guide. To finish off the Scandinavian look, attach a hessian handwritten gift tag, plant watering notes and a rustic bow or ribbon. You may want to make an extra few gifts as we're sure you'll be keeping a succulent in a jar for yourself.

There you have it, 4 thoughtful and homemade Kilner jar gift ideas that won't break the bank! From adding tasty cookie mix and retro sweets to an alcohol selection and succulent plants, Kilner jars offer a versatile and creative base to create a wide range of personalised gifts for a loved one or someone special. If you are looking for Kilner jars, check out our huge range of jars at the cheapest prices you'll find anywhere online. We offer FREE UK Mainland next working day delivery on orders over £50.

Happy crafting!

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