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This year has made a lot of us think twice about how we can best serve our community and keep going ourselves. It has been an especially challenging time for those in the food service industry. Whether you work in a restaurant, a pub or a takeaway, you will have felt the repercussions of Covid-19 restrictions. Some have been shut down during lockdowns and have had to change their business model to suit the current circumstances. This means increased takeout services across the board – whether you are established in this field or have just started offering the service, you will need to make sure you have a range of containers available.

Read on to discover what you can offer your customers and the great selections of containers to go.

Types of meals

Containers to GoYou can offer a wide range of meals to go. Whether you want to add a new selection of burgers to your menu or think about creating a fun brunch menu that can be collected, it’s important to think about all the different meals people might want to enjoy. A lot of us are really missing our friendly catch-ups over coffee and cake, or our indulgent payday treat breakfasts. If you can offer the full range of what people are missing, they are more likely to order a takeaway rather than just cooking at home. With our soup containers, you can even offer a three-course meal if you want. There is no need to reduce your menu dramatically and make your customers miss out on their favourite – just keep the right containers on hand.

Catering for groups

While our social circles have reduced considerably, you want to consider catering for small groups of people, such as families or those who are bubbling together, or socially distanced office lunches. Offering a small-scale party platter is a great way to show that people can still enjoy a treat together.

Keep it eco-friendly

You should take the time to consider what kind of packaging people will want to see when you are choosing to serve food in disposable food boxes. There is a place for plastic takeaway boxes, but you need to offer other kinds of materials as well. Fast food boxes packaging can be a contentious subject, especially for those looking to make sustainable choices. Paper food cartons are an excellent way for people to be able to recycle their food containers. It doesn’t create extra waste that has to go in their household waste and is great for the environment. This shows that you care about the world around you, as well as giving your customers a lovely meal.

Think about travel time

If you are offering a delivery or takeaway service, you need to take into account how far people will be travelling. You may have expanded your delivery options to cover a wider area or be based somewhere that people will have to travel a bit of a distance to get to you. Nobody likes bringing home cold food, so choose polystyrene takeaway boxes to keep food hot. Aluminium containers are also great at insulating your food and are a fantastic choice if you are sending out a lot of dishes to the same household at once. Perfect for that takeaway Friday night feast!

Enjoy the leftovers

Biodegradable Containers to Go

Nobody likes waste – especially as a takeaway meal is so often a very special indulgence. Make sure that your customers have the option to store their leftovers if they can’t finish their meal. You want them to be able to enjoy your food for as long as possible, so if you're thinking of stocking up on plastic takeaway containers microwave safe options are a great idea. Not only will it keep the food warm en route, but these containers won't contaminate food when reheated in a microwave and will work for storage, making them a reusable option for customers. So if your customers feel like finishing their meal for lunch the next day, you have taken all the legwork out of reheating it!

Containers to go for all occasions

When you browse our full range of containers to go, you’re sure to find the perfect match for your takeaway or delivery service. When looking for takeaway containers wholesale, you can’t go wrong with our wide variety and superior quality.

Whether you want takeaway boxes with windows so your customers can see their delicious dinners, you are on the lookout for a supply of kraft brown deli food boxes, or you want cardboard burger boxes, there is the right fit for every meal on your menu. With the correct container, you can send your customers away with a delicious meal and a smile every time.

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