Funkin Cocktails

As we are now in the run-up to Christmas (yes I know it is still the end of November whilst I write this) we thought we would share with you some of our favourite recipes for our favourite part of Christmas…. Cocktails!

We have recently started stocking (and drinking) Funkin Cocktails. We had a fantastic day in-store the other week with them and I think it is fair to say that every customer enjoyed a cheeky cocktail during the day!

To give you a bit of background knowledge on Funkin Cocktails, they do cocktail mixers, purees and pours. All the ingredients are 100% natural and you can definitely taste it! With their products making cocktails has never been easier for both at home and in bars or restaurants.

So to get back to our theme we have selected some delicious Christmas cocktails to get you in the festive spirit.

First cocktail is undoubtedly a classic with a small twist to it. Welcome the Frosted Daiquiri. You can’t really get any simpler and tasty than this one. All you need is a little bit of vodka, some Funkin Strawberry Daiquiri and then a strawberry and icing sugar for garnishes. Ice in, spirit in, shake it, and drink it.

ur second Christmas cocktail is a Raspberry Rudolph. There are a few more ingredients than the previous one but it’s equally as easy to make. All you will need is some rum, some Funkin Margarita mixer, a bit of Funkin Raspberry puree and finally some apple juice. A great Christmas cocktail.And our final Christmas cocktail recipe for you is the Berry Christmas (ho ho!). Definitely the strongest so of course drink responsibly. All you need is a single shot of whiskey or bourbon, a single shot of southern comfort and 100mL of Funkin Hollywood and you are sorted. Oh and don’t forget to garnish your cocktail with some succulent wild berries!

See the full range of Funkin Cocktails here!

To check out all of the Funkin Cocktail recipes check out their website

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