Genware Terra Porcelain (The must-have restaurant tableware in 2020)

If you’re wondering what type of tableware to go for in your restaurant, coffee shop or cosy café, you’re not alone. With hundreds of different styles and colours to choose from, selecting the right tableware can feel a little overwhelming at first. After all, the plates, cups and bowls you serve to your customers not only affects how your food and drink looks, but sets the mood of the entire establishment. Get it wrong, and you could pay the price.

One of this year’s biggest tableware trends is Genware Terra Porcelain, and it’s easy to see why. In this article, we provide a run down of this popular tableware style, and why it might make the perfect accompaniment to your catering business or busy kitchen at home.


1. It’s ultra-stylish.

The Nordic trend has been around a few years now, and it’s showing no signs of waning any time soon. The rustic finishes, soft lines and earthy tones associated with this trend continue to be popular in both restaurants and interior design, and Genware Terra ticks all the boxes here. What makes Genware Terra so special is that it looks premium, despite the affordable price tag. Thanks to a special kind of glaze along with high temperature firing in the kiln, you’ll find that no two pieces are the same. The finished product gives the illusion of being hand-finished, each one slightly different from the last.

2. It’s available in lots of colours.

While the most popular Genware Terra colours are grey, black, and copper, there’re still plenty of other colours to choose from in the range. You’ll find a stunning smoke colour, a playful pink and even striking aqua blue in this unique style. This could be a tasteful way to add a pop of colour to your dining space, so why not go for something bold?

3. They stand the test of time.

Genware Terra is designed for heavy use, making it a fantastic choice in commercial settings. Each piece is fully vitrified to maintain hygiene standards and is dishwasher, freezer and even microwave safe, so you can rest easy knowing your new tableware will hold up to constant use. There’re robust and polished feet on all items too, which helps to protect the glaze from damage when stacking and storing. What’s more, as each unique piece features a roll top edge, dings, scratches and marks only add to the charm of the design – no need to replace worn or chipped items straight away.

4. There’s a complete range.

No matter what size or shape tableware you need, chances are there’ll be a Grenware Terra option available in the range. There’re 18 pieces of crockery to choose from in every single colourway! You’ll find everything from cups and saucers through to condiment pots, ramekins and even terrine dishes in this finish, so you’ll comfortably be able to deck out your entire restaurant, coffee shop or café in this charming style.

5. It won’t break the bank.

Because of its robust and scratch-resistant design, Grenware Terra makes a very cost-efficient choice for commercial businesses as well as in the home. Items start from just £2.40 – you’ll be surprised at how affordable this modern range can be, even when buying in bulk.

6. It adds some personality.

If the interior of your restaurant is in need of a little lift, Genware Terra makes an excellent choice, without the need to completely renovate the space or spend a fortune on decoration. Dress your tables up with a plate, bowl or side dish and you’ll be amazed at how quickly this will transform the look of your space.

7. It’s safe to use.

The entire Genware Terra range complies with BS4034 safety standards, so is completely safe for use in commercial settings. Every single item goes through rigorous checks to retain the quality Genware is known for.

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Ready to upgrade your catering space? Perhaps you’re looking to add a few new pieces to your dining table or kitchen at home. Whatever your reason for choosing Genware Terra, we’re on hand to ensure you get the very best product at an affordable price, every single time. What’s more, we pride ourselves on providing exceptional customer service, so you can relax knowing your beautiful new Genware Terra range will be delivered quickly efficiently and safely to your door.


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