New Biodegradable Range

Vegware Biodegradable Product Range

For those who haven’t heard about it yet, we are now stocking Vegware products! For those who don’t know too much about Vegware let us explain to you just how great they are!

Vegware provide catering disposables that are all green products. Their products are made from plants as opposed to the more traditional plastics. The three main plants used are trees, corn and sugar cane. The first main advantage of doing so is the drastic reduction in carbon emissions. This year they have saved 2,693,470 Kgs of carbon emissions already! Not only do they use plants rather than plastics, but they also use a lot of recycled products. Be it card, paper, bagasse or sugar cane; be assured that it will have several uses in its lifetime! And finally, to put all small doubts to rest, all card or paper used in the products is sourced from a responsible forestry source. Plus, rather than filling up landfills with very harmful plastics, all products are compostable. This has led to a whopping 2,060,638Kg of potential landfill diversion this year alone!

Since starting the company in 2006 they really have gone from strength to strength and now boast over 250 different products and operate across the globe. Being big on environmental issues Vegware also push ideas and try to promote food waste management too in an attempt to reduce food wastage.

More recently two of their products are been nominated as finalists in the PEA awards. The products nominated are the black renewable black cutlery and the gourmet range.

For anyone who runs food and drink stalls at markets these products are amazing. Environment aspect aside these are much sturdier than your standard disposables too. We have a wide range of the products in stock today, perfect timing for the upcoming Christmas markets around the country. So come on and check them out.

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