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Vegware is made from plants and not plastic. They are the global specialist in plant based compostable foodservice packaging including cups, cutlery, straws and takeaway containers. Their catering disposables are made from plants, not plastic, using renewable, lower carbon or recycled materials and can all be commercially composted with food waste.

Vegware’s award-winning range of more than 300 eco-friendly products includes cutlery, hot and cold cups, tableware, and takeaway packaging. Their environmental experts take catereers on a journey to zero waste, providing support every step of the way. Vegware is headquartered in Edinburgh, UK and available worldwide. 

Vegware Straws

Vegware straws are made from plant based material and are safe and non toxic. The straws are high quality eco friendly straws that actually help to keep carbonated drinks fizzy for longer. The black and clear straws are made from PLA and the white striped bio straws are made from ecovio, a compostable plant based material.

Vegware Cups

Vegware cups are available as single or double walled. Single walled cups are cheaper and are suitable for cold drinks. Doubled walled cups are more suited to hot drinks as they protect customers hands and keep the hot drinks hotter for longer. All Vegware cups are made from sustainably sourced paper and lined with plant based PLA.

Vegware Compostable Cutlery

Vegware cutlery is made from reclaimed RCPLA and is the worlds first cutlery made from reclaimed PLA. It’s sleek stylish and the black version is coloured with food safe carbon black pigment. The original white CPLA high heat cutlery is perfect for hot foods and soups and is tough enough to attack crunchy lunches. It is Europe’s first high-heat cutlery with compostability certification from the Biodegradable Products Institute.

Vegware Boxes for Takeaways

Vegware’s takeaway boxes are an eco alternative to polystyrene made from reclaimed sugarcane they are suitable for both hot and cold food and are commercially compostable. Their range of hinged takeaway boxes are made in a high heat, high pressure process and come in a range of sizes and shapes.

How to Dispose of Vegware

Vegware can be commercially composted with food waste where available. You can check your local area for facilities. Their products break down in 12 weeks in an industrial composting facility turning into soil which is suitable for growing in.

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