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Arc Glassware

Stylish and strong, both innovative and affordable, Arc UK has been leading the way for classy and cost effective glassware for years. Arc has tackled both the professional market and the at home market, with brands and products to suit large catering events and hotels, and smaller venues and at home chefs. Arc’s products can be used in food retail chains, hospitals and schools thanks to their versatility.

Arc focuses on one word when it comes to their tableware and glass: excellence. They are committed to providing the most creative and innovative products to their customers and Cooksmill is proud to stock some of their most popular products and their most popular subbrands.

Subbrands of Arc

Arc boasts several subbrands, all of which are successful and incredibly impressive in their own right. Cooksmill stocks a majority of these, including Arcoroc, Luminarc, Arcopal, Chef & Sommelier. Arcoroc has a comprehensive range of functional tableware designed for intensive use in the hospitality industry. Both creative and reliable, the Arcoroc brand has led the way for strong solutions for hospitality and has several partnerships with leading hotels and restaurants. Chef & Sommelier represents elegance, expertise and passion for wine tasting. The brand has some of the leading shapes and designs for stemware in the industry.

They also have 2 ranges ideal for use at home and in smaller locations. Arcopal inspires vintage looks and spirit, with iconic shapes and decor that speak to everyone’s collective imagination. Simple and resistant, Arcopal can be used in a wide range of venues, from at home to busy cafes and B & Bs. Luminarc is simple and trendy, inviting creativity and warm colours to the tabletop. They combine colours and shapes that are ideal for everyday use, perfect for use at home and smaller venues.

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