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Bacofoil Professional Foil

Since 1962, Bacofoil has been trusted by millions of households to help prepare, cook and store food quickly, easily and safely. Over the years they have worked hard to develop innovative, high-quality products that help make prepping and serving food for families easier and quicker. Bacofoil products are tear-resistant, heat-resistant and suitable for a wide range of kitchen uses, including cooking, baking, roasting and freezing. They can be used in kitchens at home, and in professional settings.

Bacofoil Non-Stick kitchen foil is unique in its design, meaning that even the most notorious of culprits couldn’t stick to the foil if they tried. There’s no need to use oil or butter to separate the food from the foil, making it the healthier option. The foil also keeps the tray clean, saving cleaning time as no scrubbing is needed. 

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