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Tramontina was founded in Brazil in 1911. The brand was founded with one small Iron Mill to its name. Their six key values are: valuing people, customer satisfaction, dedication, leadership, work and transparency. Since its establishment over a century ago, Tramontina now has more than 10,000 employees, 22,000 items and sold in over 130 countries. 

They recently opened a head office in London, supplied by their warehouse in Manchester, to further connect with their UK and Europe-based customers. The brand offers thousands of products, available in 132 countries. Cooksmill is proud to sell a range of kitchen products, including their best-selling kitchen steak knives and BBQ products.

Tramontina Steak Knives

Tramontina specialises in making high-quality products, and one of their areas of expertise is kitchenware, specifically knives. They sell both steak knife sets and singular products for a range of needs. Their high-quality steak knives suit home chefs and those in hectic kitchens, thanks to the product’s durability and longevity.

Their steak knives are trusted by the very best Steakhouses and Restaurants. Tramontina steak knives last in even the busiest of hospitality environments as they are finished with stainless steel blades that deliver precision cuts for steak time and time again. The two most popular knives have Polywood handles and Polypropylene handles. Polywood handles complement presentation and offers a quality feel and long-lasting finish, and are impact resistant. They are manufactured with real wood that is water resistant, making them great for preparing a range of dishes. Polypropylene handles combine comfort and practicality with a lightweight feel, perfect for everyday use.

Tramontina boasts an impressive range of knives, with a blade to suit every chef. They have specially designed thermal blades for frequent use and cutlery sets. For those looking for trustworthy, food-safe, and reliable kitchen knives, look no further. Tramontina stands out from the crowd and have you covered, from prepping to slicing, dicing and serving.

Tramontina Chopping Boards

All of Tramontina’s products are expertly designed and crafted using the finest materials. They sell around 1.5 million cutting and serving boards each year. Cooksmill sells the most popular selection of Tramontina’s Chopping and Serving Boards, which are perfect to pair with their kitchen knives as a gift to either yourself or someone you love.

Their cutting boards are highly versatile and can be used for prepping and displaying food, thanks to the attractive design and finish on each board. There is a range of chopping/serving boards to choose from in different shapes, finishes and wood grains, sure to suit every establishment and setting.

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