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Sabert Food Packaging

Sabert has been an expert in food packaging since 1990. Since then, they’ve grown and evolved to become one of the world leaders in eco-friendly disposable food packaging, and putting an emphasis on making food look good. Sabert’s products are made and designed in Belgium with both the environment and the consumer in mind and are continuously expanding their ranges to bring the best products to consumers. Sabert has also been awarded Grade AA in the BRC Global Standard Certificate, which guarantees the very highest level of quality management. They also strive to meet and exceed expectations for customers' food safety packaging needs.

Sabert has food packaging solutions for whatever occasion you need. Cooksmill stocks some of its most popular products, including platters to serve larger portions of food. We also stock the lids to match platters, which makes it great for establishments that serve food to go, such as bakeries and larger catering businesses. As well as platters, we stock Sabert’s dessert cups and tasting glasses, which are great for smaller establishments looking to serve smaller portions of food.

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