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Araven Food Storage

Araven is a specialist in professional-grade food storage such as food trays, bins and gastronorms. The Araven range of food storage options is ideal for use in busy kitchens and catering environments as well as for domestic customers who want professional grade food storage in their own home. The wide range of Araven food storage options available via Cooksmill give all catering professionals a choice of quality food storage made from food-safe plastic.

Araven catering containers come in different sizes and styles. While large catering facilities may benefit from mobile food storage bins on wheels to move food safely from one part of a site to another, more contained kitchens may use slimline food storage trays with lids in their everyday activities. Complimentary items such as cutlery holders and mixing bowls are available alongside Araven food containers, giving kitchens the assurance that all their food storage and catering preparation equipment is made to the same high standards.

Araven Catering Equipment

Araven has become a major manufacturer of catering storage equipment with a huge range of large food-grade containers alongside smaller plastic food trays and other catering supplies. Their material of choice is polypropylene, making their food-grade storage equipment suitable for use in microwaves and freezers as well as being dishwasher proof.

Araven catering containers can be used at every stage of food preparation from initial storage in large ingredient bins to worktop storage and even tasting in the form of their plastic tasting cups. Specialist catering facilities, professional kitchens and organised homes will benefit from the food storage options offered by Araven. Their Aravan storage containers can be combined with other equipment such as sauce dispensers to create a full-service catering system with extra lids available for many pieces of kitchen storage equipment to prolong the life of the containers where necessary.

Araven catering equipment has been designed to be easy to use. Common features of Araven storage boxes include easy to open corners and ergonomic shapes for straightforward movement. Some Araven storage containers even have wheels to assist in moving from one location to another. There are Araven catering containers for every possible use case, with each one carefully designed to be valuable in a fast-paced catering environment.

Range of Araven Catering Equipment

While Araven is synonymous with food storage, is also manufactures a range of other catering equipment. For example, their plastic mixing bowls are made from the same high-quality plastic as their storage containers and come in a range of sizes to suit all catering locations. Every Araven food preparation product will be a valuable addition to every catering site, providing long-lasting food storage to businesses of every shape and size.

Many Araven catering containers and other pieces of catering equipment are held in stock by Cooksmill, so it is very easy to find the right type of storage for your business or home. Other Araven food products can be ordered with a few days lead time to ensure the smooth running of all catering sites. Check individual product pages for stock and delivery options.

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