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Gourmet Plastic Cups

Gourmet is a brand of drinks packaging under the parent company of Food Packaging Resource LTD. Bringing over 30 years of combined experience, they design and manufacture products that are sure to last and deliver tasty drinks to your customers worry-free. Gourmet offers quality PET tumblers in a variety of sizes. Their unique “one lid fits all” makes it even easier, ensuring that one size lid will fit all products across the range. With a choice of either domed or flat lids, their disposable cups are the perfect choice for serving smoothies, juices, and other cold drinks on the go.

PET is a sustainable and recyclable material, making Gourmet an ideal choice for establishments that are environmentally conscious. Gourmet’s smoothie cups are very sturdy, crack resistant, and have great clarity. Once the cup has been used, it can be recycled, saving time on washing up, and the planet!

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