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De Buyer Cookware

For over 200 years, De Buyer has been designing, manufacturing, and supplying the catering industry and home cooks with reliable and stylish cookware products. They have a commitment to French culinary traditions and have deep roots in their local heritage. Making a positive impact on society and the environment has also become one of their biggest targets in recent years.

Generations of workers have contributed to the modern and instantly recognisable De Buyer pan. Using a mix of old craftsmanship and new technology, De Buyer is able to manufacture pans that stand the test of time, while also looking stylish and trendy. They also design and produce other kitchen items, such as whisks, mandolins, and general kitchenware accessories and staples.

De Buyer Frying Pans

De Buyer specialises in pans and is best known for their non-stick frying pans. Cooksmill is proud to stock a wide range of their frying pans, including induction and non-induction. There is also a wide selection of different coloured handles, following the general kitchen colour coding rules, which makes it easier to successfully cook and keep separated different food categories. Blue handles are for cooking fish. Green handles are for cooking vegetables. The red handles are used for cooking red meat. The yellow handle is for cooking white meat.

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