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Duracell Batteries

Duracell batteries are some of the best selling and well known batteries around. Their mascot, the Duracell Bunny, is arguably as famous as they are. Since the brand’s start in the early 1940s, the company has become an iconic personal power brand, trusted for its long-lasting batteries. Duracell is often the first choice when it comes to powering devices, in part thanks to the battery's reliability and cost effectiveness.

Cooksmill stocks some of Duracell’s most popular batteries, including 9 volt, double A (AA), triple A (AAA), C and D. Duracell Plus Power batteries are best used when you are looking for reliable, long-lasting power in your everyday devices such as motorized toys, flashlights, portable games consoles, remote controls, CD players, etc. Duralock technology keeps unused Duracell batteries fresh and powered for up to 10 years in ambient storage.

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