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Price & Kensington Teapots

Price & Kensington is a world renowned ceramic tableware company, with over 125 years of history and teapot design and making experience. Teapots remain at the heart of its product range, with a wide variety of colours and sizes available to suit any kitchen or cafe. Price & Kensington started at the beginning of the 19th century in Burslem, England, where the Price Brothers found innovative ways to use ceramic and earthware to make teapots.

Price & Kensington is known for its iconic teapot shape, referred to as its ‘Brown Betty’ shape. This, combined with the long-lasting material and range of colours, make the brand a staple for British kitchens and at home tea makers who want a reliable and impressive tea pot. All of Price & Kensington’s teapots are also microwave and dishwasher safe, which is a bonus for busy hospitality venues that would find themselves frequently using and washing these teapots, but want a product that won’t lose its shine over time.

Price & Kensington Pottery

Cooksmill is proud to stock most of its popular colours, including lavender, matt black, pastel blue, olive green, bright red and mint green. The Price Brothers developed a bond with Kensington Potteries, who specialised in handcrafted and hand-thrown ceramic teapots, made from their own pottery clay. The two companies eventually merged in 1962 to become known as Price & Kensington.

The iconic Prince & Kensington Teapot collection consists of beautiful and vibrant teapots available in two, six and ten cup teapots. The stylish and exciting nature of the teapots collection is guaranteed to bring sunshine to your regular tea brew. The teapots are made from high-quality stoneware, featuring a traditional shape, making them a worthwhile addition to any tea brewer's collection. Cooksmill also sells teapot filters from Price & Kensington.

Ceramic Teapots

Ceramic Teapots are an integral aspect of British catering, whether they’re used in a cafe, restaurant, dining rooms, or at home. Ceramic teapots can be used frequently without having to worry about them breaking or cracking, making them a smart choice for busy establishments. Afternoon tea is a distinctly British tradition and having a classy and impressive teapot to match the occasion will impress your customers and guests, and have them want to come back again and again.

Price & Kensington’s ceramic teapots allow tea leaves to swirl freely around the pot, releasing the flavour and infusing the perfect brew. Thanks to the large range of sizes and colours, there’s a teapot to suit every occasion and every venue. From serving tea at home, and using a 2 cup teapot, to serving tea to a large group at cafes, and using a ten cup teapot, Price & Kensington’s ceramic teapots have you covered.

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