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Caterwrap Cling Film

Caterwrap offers a wide range of catering cling films and foils to satisfy the demands of the hospitality industry. Cooksmill stocks a wide range of Caterwrap products in a range of sizes and uses. Expertly designed to meet the needs of modern chefs, Caterwrap is the first choice for professionals looking for reliable cling film and foil.

Caterwrap’s Aluminum foil is one of their bestselling products. It can be used for food storage, to cover baking surfaces, and to wrap foods, such as meats, to prevent them from losing moisture while cooking. Caterwrap’s foil can also be used to protect more delicate foods, like vegetables when grilling them. It can also be used to line trays to protect them against stains and odious, saving time when cleaning trays. Foil ensures that food is cooked more evenly, while also retaining moisture and flavour.

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