Premier Work Wear

Premier Work Wear offer a range of denim aprons for the professional barista, chef and service worker. The have nearly 20 years’ experience in the industry and are leaders in the field of creating stunning yet practical and long wearing workwear for the hospitality sector.

The appearance of waiting staff, bar staff, chefs and baristas can enhance the dinning experience by creating a stylish atmosphere. Co-ordinating modern uniforms can help put a business in the spotlight and give it instant visual appeal. Customers demand high standards and Premier Work Wear can help you achieve a professional but modern look.

Denim Chef’s Jackets

With many commercial kitchen’s now having open plan kitchens it is vital that chef’s look their best. The Premier Work Wear range of vintage look denim chef’s jackets are an alternative solution to the traditional chefs’ whites. Available in black and grey the modern chef’s coats are made from 100% ring spun cotton. Ring spun cotton is tough and hard wearing, able to withstand the rigours of the kitchen, whilst also being soft and breathable for comfortable working.

Denim Waste Aprons

The denim waste apron is available in a range of 6 options with contrasting ties. The cropped jeans stitch denim waste aprons are 50cm long with contrast stitch detail that forms four practical front pockets for carrying payment terminals or order pads. The mid length waxed look denim waste aprons have a roomy oversized patch pocket large enough for carrying tablet devices. The waxed effect reflects the interior décor of many modern day restaurants with a tough, durable, industrial chic feel.

Denim Bib Aprons

The denim bid aprons are the perfect solution for professional baristas, bar staff and restaurant workers that are looking for something a little different. The full length apron covers against spills to keep workers looking professional at all times. The oversized pocket on the waxed aprons is big enough to hold a tablet device while the jean stitch apron’s come with four pockets to the front.

Why Buy Premier Work Wear?

Apron’s are not just practical, they also reflect who you are as a business. Premier Work Wears range of stylish, chic and modern chefs’ jackets and aprons will show you are a modern forward thinking business that is on trend. The range doesn’t just look good it is also practical, the denim chef’s jackets are design to be cool and comfortable in the hot kitchen environment and are designed for domestic washing. Set yourself apart from the traditional white and black and choose denim instead.

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