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Sambonet Paderno

Sambonet Paderno was founded in 1925, specialising in home cooking and aluminium cookware. Since its development, the brand has grown to supply the hospitality industry, hotel market, and catering professionals with a wide range of products and an evergrowing collection of items.

Paderno has everything any professional kitchen could need. They’re dedicated to serving chefs and passionate cooks, from food prep all the way to serving. While Paderno originally specialised in household kitchenware, they have proven the adaptability and reliability of their products. With over 90 years of history and a strong worldwide presence, Paderno is the top choice for professionals.

Sambonet Paderno Baking Items

One of Paderno’s bestselling ranges is its baking range. With a focus on stylish and practical pieces, there are plenty of products that make baking easier, for both novice bakers and professionals. Any occasion is perfect to be celebrated with a cake or sweet treat!

We stock some of Paderno’s most versatile pastry cutters, including numbers and shapes. Pastry cutters can be used to add a wow factor to cakes and other baked goods, from special shapes to numbers to celebrate a birthday. Also, we stock a range of Paderno’s decorating items for cakes, including a large selection of piping nozzles, available in different shapes and sizes.

Sambonet Stainless Steel

While many of Paderno’s products are well known, their stainless steel items are the most renowned. The Paderno Series 1000 Stainless Steel Casserole Pot is an example of one of the products available in one of Paderno’s ranges. The 1000 range is stain polished inside and out and has uniform thickness and a non-drip edge. The 1000 range can be used on any type of stove and has tubular stay cool handles, perfect for busy kitchens.

Sambonet Accessories

Paderno also sells a range of kitchenware and cookware accessories to finish off the perfect kitchen set. From stainless steel tongs to table caddies, they have you covered from the second you begin preparing a meal, down to the serving and table presentation. These products, much like their cookware, have all been designed with chefs and customers in mind, ensuring they offer the best performance and quality for you and your needs.

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