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Bolsius is a big name in candles and candle holders for professional settings. Its focus is on helping businesses create ambient venues with a good quality atmosphere and providing associated accessories such as gas lighters and tealights. The range of candle holders available from Bolsius includes holders that would be suitable on traditional table settings as well as tealight holders that would be suitable for use in homes as well as within hospitality settings.

The Bolsius range of candle accessories features holders for specific types of candles such as tealights and traditional pillar candles. Different hospitality venues will have different needs and the requirements of an intimate restaurant that caters mainly for couples will be different to the requirements of a bar where adornments are needed for the bar area to improve the overall ambience. Bolsius have a candle holder for every environment, along with multipacks to ensure good value for money for businesses and individual customers.

Glass Candle Holders from Bolsius

The glass candle holders on offer from Bolsius are designed to withstand regular use and to project a premium image of the business or venue utilising them. Candleholders from Bolsius are made from robust materials, with the sturdiness of the holder aiming to echo the sturdy reliability of the business in question. Customers respond positively to equipment and accessories which look permanent and long-lasting, so Bolsius designs products that convey an impression of longevity and permanence at the same time as fulfilling its purpose of providing ambience within venues.

Choosing quality glass candle holders from Bolsius in conjunction with Bolsius candles is a statement of intent for businesses looking to project a professional image to its customers and to create an ambient atmosphere. Within the range, there is a Bolsius candle holder and candle combination that will suit any business and type of hospitality venue as well as being ideal for home use.

Bolsius Professional Candles

Bolsius candles and associated equipment are designed with sustainability and ethics in mind. Candles from Bolsius are deliberately sourced and manufactured with attention to the sustainability of the planet and its inhabitants, so all Bolsius candles are produced without the use of animal fat and recycled and recyclable materials are used wherever possible to lower the ecological footprint of products.

One of Bolsius’s major goals is to help businesses stand out from the crowd by helping them achieve an ambient venue at an affordable price point. Its range includes multipacks of candles and mini holders that can be purchased in bulk to ensure venues can keep their tables lit up in perfect ambience without interruption.

Bolsius is also focused on the safety of its candles and uses all relevant symbols to help buyers get the best out of its candles in a safe manner. The brand’s candle accessories such as tea light holders have all been designed with this type of safety in mind and these comply with all safety regulations to ensure businesses do not need to worry about the safety of candles once they are lit.

Bolsius Glass Tealight Holder

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