Mileta Signs & Products Ltd

Mileta are one of the UK’s leading manufacturer of signs and products for the hospitality industry. They offer a comprehensive range of health and safety signs, food labels and associated products for catering. Signs and labels play an important role in a commercial kitchen. They help staff conform to food regulation, reduce the risk of accidents and help reduce waste with correct food labelling. Mileta also offer a range of front of house signs and labels for customer information and for increasing sales.

Mileta Catering Kitchen Signs and Labels

There is a legal obligation for restaurant owners to provide information and training on health and safety. Signs help staff and employers aware off all aspects of food hygiene and kitchen safety. These include food storage signs such as information on allergens, correct refrigeration procedures and hygiene notices. Correct procedures for washing hands is an important sign to have near any wash basin and health and safety guides help prevent accidents and injuries. Mileta’s range of signs helps staff stay aware and you to stay legal.

Mileta Front of House Signs and Labels

Fire safety signs and no smoking signs are a requirement in any business but there are also many other signs and products which can add to a restaurant or cafes smooth running. Mileta have a range of toilet signs, door push/pull signs, staff only signs, car parking signs and more. The products also include reserved table cards, leaflet displays, A frame black boards and other products for promoting your business.

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