Cuppone are one of the oldest and most respected names in the manufacturing of pizza equipment in the market after spending more than half a century perfecting their craft. Taking advantage of today’s most up-to-date technology, they have pioneered a range of equipment that allows customers to easily perfect the art of pizza making.

Cuppone Pizza Ovens

Cuppone have a pizza oven for any scale of business and for every expertise of pizza chef. Simple to use Tiziano ovens are perfect for takeaways, pubs and smaller restaurants at a budget price without compromising on quality. The smart and stylish Donatello ovens over highly energy efficient digital controls with controllable top and bottom heating elements. Cuppone gas pizza ovens are also available, stackable up to two high they are an outstanding example of the quality and reliability that Cuppone products can give.

Cuppone Pizza Presses

The Cuppone pizza press is an innovative piece of equipment that makes making fresh pizza bases simple for everyone. Once you have your dough set it on the centre of the pizza press, press the handle down and you have a perfectly pressed pizza base ready for cooking. The press is adjustable for different types of pizza, garlic breads and even chapatis or other breads. It’s a huge time saver and doesn’t require training or expertise.

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