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Chef & Sommelier

Chef & Sommelier perpetuates the heritage of art and is deeply rooted in French heritage and history. They represent a world of innovation where the most demanding professionals can have reliable glasses to turn to day in and day out. They also want to awaken the senses of wine drinkers and create an unforgettable experience for the taste buds.

Focusing on passion, elegance and high expectations, they have partnered with committed professionals who use their expertise to make their brand and products even better. A vast majority of their products are designed and made in France, earning them a certificate for the French Origin of Products. Cooksmill stocks an incredibly wide range of glassware, sure to suit every occasion.

Chef & Sommelier Wine Glasses

Chef & Sommelier have perfected the wine glass design. As a result of their years of experience, they have narrowed the glass making procedure to a precise service. They believe this combines three influential factors. Number one is influence design, combining form and function they have designed stemware that is both easy to hold and pleasing to look at. Number two is casual dining. They’ve designed glasses that are incredibly versatile and would work for both casual dining and upscale events. Number three is the ideal gauge. Their wine glasses are easy to use, have efficient performance and are an ideal tool to improve the quality of your drinks service.

The wine and champagne glasses and flutes from Chef & Sommelier feature elegant, tall construction that highlights the rich and bold tones of your wine. They help to add that special touch to service and give guests a premium experience. Additionally, these wine glasses have a wide and flat base, offering excellent stability which reduces the risks of any accidents or spillage.

Chef & Sommelier Kwarx Glass

Chef & Sommelier have been pioneers in the glassware department by using a new type of glass for their products. Kwarx Glass is completely transparent. Kwarx glasses seem to vanish, which enables the guest to fully enjoy their drink, with almost nothing between them and the wine. Also, they have a never-ending sparkle. Extraordinary brilliance that has been tested time and time again in the lab shows that Kwarx glass can withstand even the most rigorous of hospitality conditions, and still maintain its impressive shine.

Kwarx glass is incredibly impact resistant and maintains its extreme shine, even after 2000 industrial wash cycles. The products are also incredibly solid, thanks to the invisible but very strong bond between the bases, stems and bowls of the glasses. This means there is not a single weak point in the glass, reducing the risk of breakage. The glasses are also dishwasher safe, a bonus for busy venues that would see frequent use of the products.

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