Porcelite is one of the UK’s leading brands in porcelain crockery made in Staffordshire. It is made of hard paste vitrified porcelain which guarantees ultimate durability for the hotel and catering industry. Hard paste porcelain is fired at an extremely high temperature making it dense, strong and able to withstand knocks, bangs and scratches.

Porcelite crockery is a brand of plates, cups, bowls and serving dishes designed for the professional caterer offering an outstanding combination of performance and value. At Cooksmill we sell many of their ranges of crockery including the popular Seasons Crockery by Porcelite.

Porcelite Crockery

Porcelite crockery offers a large range of white tableware for any catering business from standard plates to contemporary designs.

  • The Porcelite Standard range comes mainly in white and includes a comprehensive range of tableware with everything from plates to sugar stick holders.
  • The Porcelite Squared range of white crockery is designed for contemporary food presentation.
  • The Porcelite Oven to Tableware range includes pie dishes and bowls which are tough, versatile and resistant to thermal shock offering outstanding performance.
  • The Porcelite Banquet range offers a tough plate that is 30% lighter than their standard plates making them easier to carry.
  • The Porcelite Creations range is a collection of accent pieces to add creativity to presentations such as sharing dishes.
  • The Porcelite Mimoza range offers contemporary coupe and traditional rimmed shapes with a softened square profile.

Season Crockery by Porcelite

Season by Porcelite is a range of award winning hand decorated vitrified porcelain. It’s range of complimentary colours will add rustic charm and individuality to your menu. At Cooksmill we offer a range of 6 striking colours.

  1. Graphite makes a sophisticated statement.
  2. Magma fire’s your imagination with a vivid red
  3. Oatmeal’s subtle shade doesn’t limit presentation
  4. Seaspray with blue and green hues adds a splash of colour
  5. Stone gives the perfect contrast to a colourful menu
  6. Storm creates drama for a distinguished effect

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