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Founded in 1953 in Switzerland, Bamix is known for its hand-held blender. The home appliance was patented as the world’s first stick/wand blender, allowing the user to work with the appliance directly in pans on the stove. The appliance allowed users to blend their food directly over the stove or in pans, saving potential time and mess in having to transfer the food from one container to another.

For more than 60 years, Bamix has been conquering kitchens all over the world. Bamix is a Swiss quality product made to last. It will serve you for many years to come. All parts are made from non-corrosive material and the strong motor is a Bamix design. All motors are produced at the company's factory in Switzerland. 100% made in Switzerland.

Bamix Stick Blender

Since its invention in the 1950s, Bamix’s Stick Blender has changed that much. The blender is now available in different colours and can spin at different speeds for reliable blending. Different versions of the hand blender can be used for mincing, pureeing, stirring and blending stodgy and heavy foods, saving time when it comes to food prep.

Cooksmill stocks different hand blenders to suit different kitchens and different cooks. The blender can be safely used in small containers and fragile glassware, as well as in hot saucepans on the hob. It can be used on both hot and cold liquids and saves food preparation time, making it the perfect multifunctional tool for busy chefs.

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