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Coffee is the most popular drink in the world with over 400 billion cups of coffee being drunk each year. Every country around the world drinks coffee from a simple Americano to the Finish who like to drink their coffee, called a kaffeost, over chunks of cheese curd. Whether it’s a latte, cappuccino, americano or a kaffeost coffee is a drink that units the world.

Inker coffee cups are manufactured by Inkerpor Ltd who specialise in manufacturing cups and saucers for the coffee industry. They have a long experience of working with many customers across the catering and hospitality sector including hotels, restaurants, coffee shops and more.

At Cooksmill we offer two range of Inker coffee cups. The Inker Luna range has a bowl shaped cup with a large surface area to really bring out the flavours and aromas of your coffee. The Inker Mocca range has a unique tulip shape with an elegant design to showcase your drinks.

Both ranges come in a variety of sizes. The small 3oz Inker espresso cups are as the name suggests ideal for espresso. Inker’s 6oz coffee cups are great for smaller cappuccinos. The 8oz and 10 oz coffee cups can be used for a range of drinks including larger cappuccino’s and lattes. The Luna range also comes in a large 12oz coffee cup which can be used for tea or coffee lovers who like a large coffee.

You can buy Inker coffee cups in a large choice of spectacular colours with stunning bright reds, sunlit yellows and bold oranges. Or if you prefer something a little subtler there are vintage green, egg plant brown and silvery grey to choose from.

If your making great quality coffee put it in a coffee cup that brings out the best of the it. Inker coffee cups are not just visually appealing. The thick porcelain walls help to retain the heat to bring out all the complex armours of your beans. It gives the customer the best coffee experience possible ensuring they come back time and again.

Unlike domestic attractively designed cups Inker cups are made for the food service industry. They are dishwasher safe and resistant to the knocks and scrapes of a busy working kitchen.

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