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Essential is one of the UK’s best selling range of housewares and plastic tableware for catering businesses, special events and consumers.

Essential Plastic Disposable Glasses

Essential plastic disposable drinksware is ideal for a huge range of events from a birthday party at home where you don’t want broken glass to an outdoor catering event where you want disposable glasses for customers to take away. Their range includes champagne flutes, wine glasses, tumblers, martini glasses and jugs.

Essential Foil, Cling Film and Papers

Essentials boxed foil is extra long with improved strength and durability with a cutting edge for ease of use. They are great for roasting meats, poultry and fish and won’t rip too easily. Cling film is indispensable in any kitchen home or commercial for storing and packaging foods. Essentials cling film is ideal for storing high fat foods such as cheese and can be used in the microwave. Essential greaseproof paper and baking parchment ensure your baked goods don’t stick to the tin or tray to give great results. They are suitable for fridges, freezers, microwaves, ovens and are reusable.

Essential Cake Boxes

Essential cake boxes are available in a wide range of sizes from 8 inches to 16 inches. Smaller boxes can be used in cake shops and deli’s for customers to take away slices of cake or individual cakes, muffins or tray bake portions. Larger cake boxes can fit whole cakes for birthday’s or special occasions.

Essential Aluminium Foil Bakeware and Containers

Essential’s aluminium foil bakeware, cookware and foil containers come in a large range of products including foil trays, foil platters, foil containers, foil baking trays. Foil trays are an essential product for takeaways including Indian and Chinese for packaging and delivering dishes from curries to sweet and sour chicken. They are available in a range of sizes to suit the dish. Essential also offer a range of bakeware for contract catering or for those that don’t want to wash up. Platters are including in the range for caterers wanting to display sandwiches, pies and cakes for buffets.

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