Are commercial microwaves better?

Commercial microwaves can be a considerable investment for smaller businesses, which can lead many to be tempted into buying a microwave designed for domestic use. The question is whether or not a commercial microwave is a wise investment, compared to a domestic one. A domestic microwave may be cheaper in the short term, but there are multiple reasons why a commercial microwave can offer much better value for money.


Commercial Microwaves

The improved durability and safety

When you're using a microwave in your business, you need to know that it has been designed to be as fit for purpose as possible. Domestic microwaves aren't designed for consistent use in a busy kitchen, which can lead to multiple problems - ranging from poor distribution of heat through the food to unreliable electrics.

Commercial microwaves are built to commercial standards. The materials used make them much more heavy-duty, and they're tested to far more stringent standards than the vast majority of domestic units. This makes them more reliable in the long-term, compared to a cheaper domestic unit which can break through overuse.

Then there's the matter of safety - there are two ways commercial microwaves are safer. One is that they heat food more thoroughly and evenly than domestic units, reducing the risks associated with poorly warmed food. The second is that the wiring is constructed and tested to much higher tolerances, reducing the risk of fire.


Insurance and compliance

Consider also the matter of compliance with commercial cooking standards. If your business is inspected, it's highly likely that the inspector isn't going to take kindly to seeing a piece of domestic cooking equipment being used in a commercial kitchen. This means you'd ultimately need to invest in a commercial microwave anyway.

Then there's the matter of insurance. A domestic microwave is inappropriate for use in a commercial cooking environment, and it may compromise your business insurance to introduce one. If there's an accident, even if your domestic microwave wasn't the source, its very presence could risk compromising your claim.


Commercial Microwave

A long-term investment

A commercial microwave is an investment because the more durable construction means it's going to last much longer than a cheaper domestic unit. The longer you can keep the unit working efficiently, the better return you're going to get for your investment. A well-cared-for commercial microwave can last years.

A commercial cooking environment will be far more demanding on a microwave - constant use puts a lot of strain on essential components such as power cords, transformers, and internal electrics. When these begin to fail they're at best a nuisance, and at worst they can become an outright safety hazard.

Commercial microwaves have already taken this into account, and the quality of the electrics, as well as the load they're capable of operating under, are considerably higher than domestic units. A domestic microwave is always going to be operating past its safe limits if it's being used in a busy kitchen.


Servicing and cleaning

You should also consider servicing. All machines need servicing to keep them operating as efficiently as possible, but domestic microwaves aren't designed to be serviced. They're consumable. Commercial microwaves, however, are designed to be serviced and maintained, allowing you to keep them running optimally.

Another essential consideration is cleaning. Commercial microwaves are specifically designed to be easy to wipe down at the start of every day. They make considerably higher use of materials such as stainless steel, which make any stains or burnt-on food that much easier to clean, as opposed to the plastic used in domestic microwaves.


Consider your business growth

As your business grows, a commercial microwave is going to become an essential purchase at some point. Sooner or later a domestic unit is going to be far too inappropriate. So, if you anticipate your business growing, a commercial microwave is an investment that you're still going to have to make.

It makes sense to invest as early as possible, otherwise, you're simply wasting the purchase price of the domestic microwave. A commercial unit will easily keep up with the developing requirements of your business as it grows, meaning you're able to put all your focus onto that growth without anything holding you back.


Happy Chef with Microwave

In conclusion

To conclude, the simple answer to the question "are commercial microwaves better?" is a resounding yes. In every conceivable way. Commercial microwaves offer:

  1. Long term durability
  2. Ease of servicing
  3. Compliance with catering standards
  4. Better heat distribution
  5. More power efficiency
  6. Value for money
  7. Ease of cleaning
  8. Improved versatility
  9. Faster cooking speeds
  10. Stronger warranty cover

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