World Pasta Day

Saturday 25th October celebrates one of the worlds most loved dishes; pasta. We know there’s a day to celebrate almost everything (even squirrels) but World Pasta Day means that we have an excuse to eat mountains of Italian food without feeling guilty!

Pasta is a staple in most diets, with countries around the world serving up their versions using the classic Italian ingredient. There’s loads to love about Pasta too. Its a carb-filled comfort food that is versatile and easy to prepare - need we say more?

Spaghetti, farfalle, cavatelli the list goes on (and on). There are over 600 known pasta shapes in the world, all perfect for different dishes. Thin pasta strands such as angel hair need a light sauce whereas thick ridged pasta such as fusilli is perfect for chunkier sauces. We found this list of pasta shapes helped us to decide what to whip up to celebrate the much loved food!

We all know that pasta is an Italian classic, it is such a tradition that it can be dated as far back to 1154 in Sicily. No one loves their pasta as much as Italians either. Research has shown that the average Italian eats more than 51lbs of pasta every year.

Pasta doesn’t just feature in Italian restaurants, from fine dining to pub grub there is always room for this favourite.

Make sure you get in on the action this World Pasta Day. If you already serve up pasta classics for customers why not try something different as a special this weekend - it may be so good it becomes a permanent part of your menu.

Don’t just use dried pasta or pre-made fresh pasta; go the extra mile to celebrate World Pasta Day and make your own! For simple methods follow Gennaro Contaldo on Jamie Oliver’s Food Tube. He keeps it simple and shows you how to make a range of different pasta shapes such as angel hair and lasagne sheets.

Having the correct equipment to create the perfect pasta is important. Cooksmill have a range of pasta utensils to help you rustle up some something special. A pasta machine is an essential to stretch out your dough so it forms properly. This can also be done with a rolling pin if you want a more traditional method. The next stage is to dry out your pasta, this makes sure it doesn’t go soggy and remains al dente (firm) when cooked. Use a drying stand for best results.

Cutting shapes is made much easier with ravioli cutters, available in small and large sizes depending on what you’re looking for. If you are already a pasta King or Queen why not treat yourself to a pasta making set that has all the utensils you could possibly need.

Let us know how you get on with your pasta dishes this weekend by sharing pictures with us via Twitter. If you require more information on Cooksmill’s products do not hesitate to contact us, call us on 0161 886 4989 and we’ll be happy to help.

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