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Jam is a British favourite, whether it’s splashed over toast or delicately balanced on a scone. While strawberry jam often takes the crown as the most popular flavour here in the UK, the number of options out there seem endless. Plus, to add yet more variety to the jam menu, more people than ever are indulging in the delight of making their own jam at home.

So, why should you invest in jam making equipment and take the time to make your own jams? Perhaps the best reason is that it gives you control over what goes into your jams. You don’t have to include extra preservatives like supermarket jams do, so it’s great for parents keeping track of what their kids eat – while jams have naturally high sugar levels, industrial manufacturers add extra that home jam makers don’t have to.

DIY jam making can be simple when you’ve got the right  equipment required for jam making, including all the storage equipment for keeping your jams safe to enjoy during the rest of the year. Whether you take inspiration from  Mary Berry’s classic jam recipe or your other favourite chef, there’s a jam recipe for you.

Jam Making Equipment Essentials

Jam making kits can be inexpensive. Don’t be blinded by all the expensive jam making equipment on the market – this list covers the essentials and explains why they’re essential. If you’re looking to take up a new hobby or just have a hankering for some homemade jam, this equipment list gives you the starter kit required for jam making - all you need to do is add the fruit!

#1 Jars

Without jars, your jam’s just jam in a pan. Investing in quality jars is crucial to preserving your jams properly, and it’s important they’re correctly sterilised. This doesn’t mean you can’t reuse them later as long as you sterilise them at home, but it does mean you need the right jars to start with.

First, decide on the style of jam jar you want. One of the most popular – and instantly recognisable – options is the  Kilner with gingham twist lids. If you’d prefer a clip top lid, there’s also the classic  Kilner with its orange rubber seal. If you want to go the extra mile, you can couple your Kilner jars with their own  wax discs to ensure your jams are preserved correctly. There are also other brand options and various sizes to choose from to get the right jars for you -  view all our jars here.

#2 Jam Pan / Maslin Pan

Jam making kits rightly include the perfect pan, so you should make this a priority when looking at assembling the equipment required for jam making outside of a pre-packed kit. While it’s possible to use  large saucepans for making small quantities of jams, using a bespoke jam pan will make the whole process much easier!

The traditional name for a jam pan is a “Maslin pan”. Its wide top and thick bottom mean it’s straightforward to work with and handles large batches of jam well. If you’re serious about your jam making,  invest in one of these.

#3 Fill Funnel

One rookie error when making jam is to think you can do without the fill funnel to get the jam from the pan into your jars. If you dispense with this simple (and cheap) piece of equipment for jam making at home, you might end up with more jam over the stove and table than in the jars themselves. If you’re sticking with Kilner as a brand, they have a fill funnel which marries up perfectly with their jars.

#4 Thermometer

Just like any food, knowing when it’s ready is the first step towards success. That’s why a food thermometer is vital to check whether the sugar’s at the right temperature – this can be make or break for some jam recipes. Again, a jam thermometer doesn’t have to cost a lot, but it’ll last a long time and be an integral part of your jam-making routine.

#5 Spoons

You’d expect jam making equipment to include spoons, but it’s important that your kit contains the right type of spoon. You don’t want any material that’s going to scrape against the bottom of the pan or conduct heat, so you should work with  wooden spoons or  high heat silicone spoons to make sure your pan withstands the process.

#6 Measuring Jug & Scales

It’s easier to stick to recipes when you use  measuring jugs and  measuring scales to help you make jam at home. Instead of guessing, especially when you’re still learning, get your measurements precise and this’ll help you create a jam that you’ll want to spread over your crumpets. Even when you’re more experienced, jugs and scales save time and help you make the perfect jam every time.

#7 Labels

Although not strictly part of your jam making equipment, labels are an essential element of all jam making kits. If you don’t label your jars correctly, you won’t know which jams are in which or when you made them, and you’ll soon forget if you get the jam-making bug like so many other hobbyists. So, be sure to get a plentiful supply of labels to go along with that plentiful supply of jars.

Other Equipment

While this list of jam making equipment covers all the essentials, there are other items you may wish to consider adding to your jam making kit as time goes by. You’ll also have some of them already in your kitchen:

  • Stone remover - to keep cherry stones out of your jam
  • Timer - to keep track of cooking
  • Jar lifter - to help you lift steaming hot jars without injuring yourself
  • Bubble tool - to remove air bubbles from jam
  • Ladle with a spout - for pouring into smaller jars

As you can see, jam making equipment isn’t as complicated as you might think, and it doesn’t have to be expensive either. If you’ve been meaning to try your hand at jam-making for a while, there’s never been a better time to assemble your kit.

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